Are You an Old Soul?

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Hello Steemitans! How are you this weekend? Today I'm going to write about one very interesting topic, the soul. As a man who likes to reflect on his own existence, I decided to write a post about the term old soul. What is an old soul? What are the traits of such people? There are a number of questions related to this topic. Let's see what an old soul is!


People who are considered to have an old soul are specific people who feel different from others. They are often lonely, isolated not only because they are simply old in mind, heart and soul. People who have an old soul feel much older than their age. They often feel that they do not belong to this world or this time. Empathy, intuition and an understanding of existence are characteristics that exist in people with an old soul. Material things do not matter to these people, the meaning of existence is what they aspire to! As a final result, knowing the truth is a return to where it belongs. Often, people with an old soul are talked about as weirdos because of theirs lifestyles. In the world of capitalism, they have simply fallen out of mold in which people matter most materially. For the old souls, the meaning of life is not power, capital but an examination of existence, of being.


Intuition is highly developed in these people, they make their life and professional decisions through an intution. Old souls are quite involved in philosophy, they love to learn about new cultures, peoples, locations. Through these teachings, they are constantly approaching the realization of the truth behind the goal. They also have a very high level of empathy, known as easy-to-grow people. They often attach themselves to a small number of people and form strong bonds with them and are thus seen as solutary people. They are energized when they are in isolation and often enjoy solitude.

Some of the characteristics of old souls:

  • wisdom and desire for truth
  • mystical life
  • deep rethinking
  • psychological fatigue
  • spirituality
  • empathy and intuition

I hope you enjoyed reading the text. Are you maybe an old soul? If so, leave your comment and opinion!



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I would dare to say: That's the reason why do we understand each other so good. My old bro 😁

@feanor11 Yupp, I agree bro! Life is weird. 😊

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