Pineal Gland - Cosmic Antenna

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Hello dear Steemitans! Given the current situation, I hope you enjoy the leisure you have as much. Enough time to read and learn new things. Today I will write about probably the most important gland in our body, which is rarely written about. It is a Pineal Gland. Take a look at the post, you will probably find something to get you thinking. Yes, let's get on it! And of course, if you like it, drop an upvote and leave a comment on which topic you would like to read in the future.

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Each of us has a very powerful cosmic antenna, pineal gland, or so-called "third eye" in our bodies. What does the gland serve? That is probably your first question. Let's begin. So, the pineal gland allows us to connect directly to higher, cosmic forces. What it means? The pineal gland has the ability to sense light in darkness, display color images as well as speak through emotions and feelings. In order to experience the potential of this gland, we must unlock the infinite wisdom and knowledge that is locked in every human being. The power of the pineal gland is diminished by the influence of the cultures in which we live. The pineal gland must develop. Also, fluorine is one of the elements that impedes the development of the epiphysis. Fluorine is found in everyday foods, from medicine to drinking water. Fluorine intake destroys the gland and its ability. Humans have long been aware of the pineal gland and its galactic powers, but the dominant society in which we live prevents glandular development.

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In order to develop the spine gland as much as possible, we should pay attention to the fluorine intake. It is difficult to do this since it is in the water, toothpaste, medication. But why not try it! Also, we need to constantly train and develop the pineal gland. Art and meditation are great ways to develop the gland. As we develop the gland, we can experience more spiritual experience. Another way to better develop the gland is to spend as much time outsideas possible. Energy and nature stimulate the work of the pineal gland and make it more sensitive. The sun is a good way to advance the gland, it arouses ability. Society is another important factor. Of course, people who care about you and with whom you have similar opinions. This will help accelerate the spiritual process.
Another important factor is the food we bring into our bodies. It can provide energy and stimulate the pineal gland. The pineal gland is blue, indigo in color, so we must choose organic food of all the beautiful colors that nature gives us. Be aware of your environment and chemicals. Learn about the effects of various foods and keep an eye on your body and mind. We need to respect the pineal gland because it helps us and allows us to learn more about souls, higher powers and the cosmos. We have long been trying to reexamine our existence. But we are taught to believe that we are nothing more than meat. We are infinite beings with unlimited spiritual and mental capabilities, we need to develop this part of the brain to allow the flow of cosmic intelligence.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. This was a mysterious topic, think about it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.




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