Snowy Wednesday Walk - Beautiful Day with Speckles from the Sky

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Kharkov, today, was blessed with amazing climate. Soft, playful snow dropped from the sky and covered the entire city in beautiful winter vibes.

It wasn't too cold, today. Just around 0 degree celcius. This made it even more pleasant to go out for a stroll in the snow fall.

Due to covid restrictions, many of the shops are closed and not too many people are out on the street. I thought it would be a wonderful experience to share with you on this edition of #wednesdaywalk.


My feet were buried in snow, some places the snow almost reached my ankles.
After spending a little more than a year in the hot summers of the United Arab Emirates, this snowfall was a little extra special.


We have had snow before in the recent past. What made this snowfall special was that we were out of snow for almost a week, and the winter this year wasn't as white as the previous years.

Out of the blue, today my feeds exploded with snowfall pictures and videos.
Apparently, it started snowing early in the morning. I immediately got ready for the winter and headed out to enjoy the snow.



While out in the snow, I came across this fascinating "babushka". She was taking a stroll with a pram. Yes, there was a small baby in it.

At first, I was shocked. More, I was concerned about the baby.


Very soon, I realized there was nothing to worry about. I have seen similar things a million times. It has something to do with traditional culture. There is also a small study that shows exposing children to low temperatures in a controlled fashion seems to do some good to the immunity.


And this snow was probably nothing. I have seen infants get dowsed in icy water as part of tradition every winter.
It is not done in a harmful way, but it is believed to make them strong! So this baby in a pram was pretty comfy, relatively.

For those who live in snowy places know there are different types of snow.
And maybe taking a look at these pictures already has given you an idea why this snowfall was so very soothing.




It is the soft snow that freshly drops from the sky. Big, round, snowflakes that immediately melt on you upon touching. They keep falling for hours, and slowly start to consolidate and form an inch or 2 of snow after a long time of snowing.

The upper layer is soft and squishy, and if you step on them your feet will dig deep until it finds a solid little icy flooring.

I realized this is the type of snowfall I prefer.

Remember I said there weren't too many people outside? Apparently, most of them are inside....their homes.

Looking at the cars it was easy to deduce that the lockdown has had an effect on jobs. People are either resting or working from home.


On usual days there aren't too many cars around here. And since this is a residential area, it is obvious most of them are at home.

Some of the cars were even parked on the streets coz there isn't enough parking for everybody. There even was a service van parked on the pavement.



I don't think it really effects anybody. Since there are literally no cars moving within the area, no harm is done.
All of them just sit in their place until required.

It did look like no one ever left from their spaces. All that snow on their cars has to be from hours. No one leaves snow on their car if they are driving around or want to.

Well that was enough walking around and noticing how different things are.
I really enjoyed this short walk, but there was snow in my shoe already.

I decided I would try and see if I could brush up some photographs of nature in snow.

They are mediocre to say the least. My creativity knob was turned way too low, but I still want to share them just to make you part of my experience out in the snow.






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The article is magnificent. You describe emotions well.

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What a nice walk in the snow and more after such a hot weather, even though I would be freezing my feet. Very good photos

I never thought I would miss the snow so much until today.
Oh yes, once the snow starts climbing in the shoes, the toes start tingling really quick.

What a rage that here in my country there is no snow like there, they look so cold so beautiful, I love it.

Nothing to rage about. I am sure you will visit snowy places, soon. It wasn't too cold today, pretty bearable.

I have never had the opportunity to be in a place where snow falls.

I think it is a dream that I have since I was a child to be able to visit a place like that one day.

I hope that one day that opportunity will come.


It will come for sure. I never thought I would go to a country where snow falls haha

From UAE to UA, quite the change in climate.


I walk to work everyday now that I’m close enough to do so. I have yet to have a snow like that since I’ve been walking to work. I am kind of jealous, yet also thankful I don’t have to bundle up just to stay warm. There is no denying the beauty and tranquility of snow.

When I look at it on the map it does look like a huge move. Planes really make you undermine distance, huh?
I think snow is cool like once every few months. But when it starts getting colder and the temperature begins to dip, it get annooying really quick.

The furthest I have ever moved is about 50 miles from where I was born.
I’m happy with monthly snow. Weekly would just be annoying.

You are pulling my legs yeah? No way you havent gone past 50 miles from your place.

I have traveled further, just never moved to live long term.

Beautifull. Thanks for sharing.