The Sky Gets Dark, Slowly.

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Mao Dun's literary prize winner, Zhou Daxin, wrote the latest novel to be published, "The Sky Becomes Dark, Slowly" (The Sky Gets Dark, Slowly). This sensitive exploration of old age and the emotional world of the elderly is complex and hidden in a rapidly aging society.

In it he wrote, "Many parents speak as if they know everything, but in old age they are actually as ignorant as children". Many elderly people are actually, completely unprepared to face what they have to face when getting old and walking in front of them.

Between the age of 60, when they start aging, right until all the lights go out and the sky turns dark, there are a number of situations that need to be kept in mind, so that you will be prepared for what is to come, and not panic.

-The number of people on your side will only continue to decrease. People from your parents 'and grandparents' generation have mostly left, while many of your peers will find it increasingly difficult to take care of themselves, and the younger generation will all be busy with their own lives. Even your wife or husband may leave earlier than you, or sooner than you expect, and what may happen are days of emptiness. You must learn how to live alone, to enjoy and embrace solitude.

-People will increasingly not care about you. No matter how noble your previous career was or how famous you were, aging will always turn you into an old man and an old woman. Highlight no longer illuminates you, and you must learn to be complacent by standing still in a corner, admiring and appreciating the hubbub and sights that come to you, and you must overcome the desire to be jealous or grumble.

-The road ahead will be rocky and full of difficulties. Broken bones, cardio-vascular blockage, brain atrophy, cancer ... these are all guests who might be able to visit you at any time, and you won't be able to refuse it. You have to live with illnesses and health problems, and even view them as friends; do not fantasize about days that are calm and stable without difficulties in your body. Maintaining a positive mental attitude and proper and adequate exercise is your job, and you must encourage yourself to continue to do it consistently.

-Preparing life in bed, returning to the state of the baby. Our mother brought us to this world on a bed, and after traveling a tortuous journey and a life full of struggles, we return to the starting point of sleep and in the direction must be understood by others. The only difference is, we used to have a mother to care for us; Our compilation is ready to go, we may not have relatives to take care of us. What if we have relatives, their care may never match your mother's care; You will, more likely than not, be guided by nurse nurses who have nothing to do with you, who smile on their faces while keeping weariness and boredom in their hearts. Just lie still and don't fuss. remember to be grateful.

-There will be many fraudsters and deceivers along the way. Many of them know parents who have a lot of savings, and will endlessly collect ways to free them: by phone fights, SMS messages, letters, food and product samples, fast-rich investments, products for long life or enlightenment ... on the basis of what they offer, just get all your money. Be aware, and be careful, hold your money near you. A fool will split up with his money soon, so spend your money wisely.


Before the sky becomes dark, the last journey will be fainter and fainter; Naturally, it will be more difficult to see the path you are going to, and it will be harder to move forward. Thus, at the age of 60, it would be better for all of us to see what life there is, to get what we have, to enjoy life as long as we can, and not to shoulder the problems of society or children and children. Stay humble, don't act as a higher person because of you and look down on others. This will hurt yourself and also hurt others. As we get older, the better we can understand what respect is and what it means. In these last days of your life, you must understand what is meant, let go of your attachments, to prepare yourself mentally. The natural path is a way of life; Follow the current, and live in peace.

Good reading, very beautiful, and very true.

It felt like the day had just begun, and it was already six o'clock in the afternoon.

It hasn't arrived on Monday and it's already Saturday. The month is almost over, and the year is almost over.

It's been 50 or 60, even 70 years our lives have passed. And we realize that we have lost our parents and friends. We remember it was too late to return.

So, let's try to take full advantage of the remaining time. Don't stop looking for activities you like.

Let's give color to our gray world.

Let's smile at the little things in life that give healing balm in our hearts. However, we must continue to enjoy the remaining time in peace.

Let's try removing the words "later" or "tomorrow".

I will do it later.

I will say later.

I will discuss it later.

We leave everything to 'later' as if "later" is ours. Because that we don't understand is:

After that, the coffee cools.
After that, priorities change.
After that, the charm is broken.
After that, health passes.
After that, children grow up.
After that, parents get older.
After that, promises were forgotten.
After that, the day became night.
After that, life ends.
And after that, just realized it would be too late.

So, don't return anything for "later". Because by always waiting for later, we can lose the best moments, the best experiences, the best friends, The best family.

That day is today. The time is now.

We are no longer at an age where we have to wait until what needs to be done immediately.

So let's see if you have time to read this message and then share it, or maybe you will leave it for "later". And you will never "share" it. Even sharing with those who are not yet "senior".

Thanks for visiting and interesting comments..

Regards, @boyacun123
Aceh, June 30,2020


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