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RE: On Hive Completing 100 Wonderful Days — The Good, The Bad, And No Ugly

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Your plan for the marketing side of things is a good idea however it can also cost money to whoever is doing it. For example if we wanted to place an ad on CMC, that will cost $3k alone and then we would be left with nothing after that.

The structure you have would only incentivise people on Twitter/Other social media's etc to talk about it (Which is good don't get me wrong) but this is already being done.

Not bashing the idea just a thought.


that will cost $3k alone

This is exactly the plan. The fund was, as stated, an example. Say it cost $3k but the upside is the winning prize: $10k per group. So spending $3k hoping to get $10k always works.

Plus, people do have connections. They can get this done cheaper. It doesn't matter if they do. The entire ecosystem wins.

Having done this for 10 months, I have spent my own money on building websites and getting listed on aggregator sites. We also created bots through a developer.

Then, I had other members building blogs, writing on Medium / Publish0x and reaching out to media portals for stories.

The upside is HUGE.