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RE: [SPN-ENG] Barro eres y en polvo te convertirás / Mud you are and to dust you will become

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Hi @ juancar347

Beautiful photographs, these lines allow us to remember precisely this biblical fact of the creation of man, therefore we must be humble and never believe ourselves more than others. Thank you for sharing this article on the platform. Greetings

Yours, Piotr


Thank you very much for your kind comment. Indeed, we must be humble and see that deep down, we are nothing more than dust at the mercy of the wind. An affectionate greeting

Dear @juancar347

we are nothing more than dust at the mercy of the wind

I like how you put it in words. And thanks for such a prompt reply. Appreciate it.

Changing topic: I've noticed that you're from Spain. I'm Polish and our media is full of some horror covid stories from Spain. Is it still really bad over there? hopefully you and your family are safe and healthy

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to my recent post (celebrating my 3rd anniversary on hive chain with some special initiative). I would appreciate if you could consider reposting it - so I could reach out wider audience.

Enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr

Well, you don't have to pay much attention to the media, because as you know, they tend to be quite partisan and currently, misinformation and fake news are the order of the day. It is true that in Spain the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting very hard, but it is also true that the current wave is decreasing, which does not mean that it is ceasing to exist. As in the rest of the countries, the appropriate measures are being taken to counteract its effects and right now, practically all the autonomous communities are closed. But I think that it is neither more nor less than what is happening in the rest of the European countries. I congratulate you on your anniversary in the blockchaim. An affectionate greeting