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RE: Snowy Wednesday Walk - Beautiful Day with Speckles from the Sky

in OCD2 months ago
From UAE to UA, quite the change in climate.


I walk to work everyday now that I’m close enough to do so. I have yet to have a snow like that since I’ve been walking to work. I am kind of jealous, yet also thankful I don’t have to bundle up just to stay warm. There is no denying the beauty and tranquility of snow.


When I look at it on the map it does look like a huge move. Planes really make you undermine distance, huh?
I think snow is cool like once every few months. But when it starts getting colder and the temperature begins to dip, it get annooying really quick.

The furthest I have ever moved is about 50 miles from where I was born.
I’m happy with monthly snow. Weekly would just be annoying.

You are pulling my legs yeah? No way you havent gone past 50 miles from your place.

I have traveled further, just never moved to live long term.