You make it all so easy

in OCD3 months ago


You make it all so easy

complimenting and perplexing

There's more to you beyond the carbon

It's in all that you do

I'll take a shot for you

sitting pretty on my lips

dragging the fire in you

inhaling to exhale

You set me in a mood to see your hail

Put me on what you are on

what turns you on

what makes you smile

You make is all so easy

you never leave me hanging

your body is entertaining

there's more to your figure

you reveal just enough

to heal my cravings

but left me with thoughts of wanting more

feather my thoughts into yours

You make it all so easy

the way you smile breaks my resolve

you've taken a hold on me

There's more to you

You make it all seem simple

In your mimblewimble I lay

nimble in your arrangement I cave

comfort me in your love



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