Hello @deeanndmathews. Yes, well wishes for @fitinfun.

How have you been doing?

Hello -- I'm doing well, just dedicating my time in the Freewriters community ... I miss @ocd, but it was a freewrite that got me their attention, and since communities don't overlap, I had to make a hard decision. But I'm well -- how are you?

I'm doing good. Just freewriting, contests, and taking care of granddaughter once in a while. Her school district is closing next week due to covid-19, so she'll be visiting. Other than that, just trying to stay healthy with my Diabetes and feel well enough to travel when I can in my RV.

School districts are closing in my area too ... doing more writing and writing music as well since I have all this time at home away from work and other activities. Got plenty to do and create!

Same here. Panic has set in. All grocery stores are now empty of cleaning and sanitizing items. Can't trust what our Pres gets up there and says. It's evident by the people who are just trying to protect themselves and their families.

Hearing what they have to say each day is sickening. They talk, but don't say anything. And where is our testing? It's disheartening to see and hear. Looks like we'll have to fend for ourselves to get us through this.

Stay safe and be as cautious as you can and your family. Take care.