The Thing About "Power to the People"

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This is pretty much a common blurb these days especially in the cryptospace. I mean who doesn't want power over their own wealth or power over their own lives? Or when the power to make decisions is not only up to one person entrusting everything to the collective.

Don't mind me today, I sometimes talk as if I know things. And that's just me. All that I know so far are just a result of "lived experiences", and admittedly, my own biases. I've always thought that my beliefs are bound to change as I see through people, as I see through things and as I live on. But one thing's for sure, as I go on chasing success or whatever this is I am trying to make in this life, I try my best to keep a bit of humanity in me. Yup a bit at least because my default is diabolic, ha! But damn, to be honest, I really find this hard. To be a good human being I mean (lol).

I remember when I was just starting my travel agency business here on this island. Some of my followers here probably knew all that I had been through trying to set up a business on my own. I didn't have startup funds and there was no way I could do things alone. I don't have an aunt with a treasure chest or bros in the banks whatever. But I thank some of my followers here who helped fund my startup. Oh yes, I didn't start with 0 and having helpful people in this community is also a privilege.

I realized quickly how the locals hate outsiders who set up their own businesses here. The reality is that most successful travel agencies, scuba dive shops, and hotel and resort owners are not really from this region. So you can imagine the bitterness the locals feel. But don't get me wrong, I do feel for them. I sympathize with them. And they can, if they choose, to be successful too. But then lately I realize what is clearly happening here. The truth is, most of them don't have a proper mindset (financially and long-term thinking) to advance or progress. On the other hand, there are ruthless corporations taking over my beach life but that is just another topic.

I remember when I was trying to get a business permit but I couldn't. Some locals were just making it hard for me because I am not from this town (understandable but then there's also corruption factor in here). It was painful enough that nobody was helping and that some supposedly local friends ditched me just because. But then for people to go out of their way to pull someone down or to hinder that person from progressing from her own hard work? That is just way too much for me to take. It kind of red-pilled me in some way. I understand how it is to be a worker and I understand how it is to run a business. One's perspective can change during this radical shift.

Someone from this travel agency association sent a screenshot of my business card to their group chat and there they tried to torch the witch. They just pretty much condemn online booking because it goes against their traditional way of doing business (walk-ins) and plus the obvious fact that it makes a lot of money. Yes, hello modern internet world. People want equality and fair chance to profit, and it does not matter if you can do things better (website, digital markerting, etc). Equal pay in this industry is impossible. Some people are bound to get ahead. Some people will get by and some people will get rich. That is just the reality. I'm speaking for those who have become successful and have started their businesses earlier. I'm still pretty new and then yeah, pandemic came so. I'm still "getting there".

I heard all kinds of doubts from these local friends "your online booking thing is not going to work at all" or "that will fail". Deep down they really pray for me to fail. But then it didn't, so. That moment I had my first email enquiry, first sale/booking, first group of guests, first tip, first trip advisor review just proved them all wrong.

What I experienced is an example of when I don't want to give power to the people especially if they are solely operating on preserving their pre-existing beliefs and not lose group identity. There's no room for ingenuity here. Most of them still act in ancient ways and that means being completely reliant on their tribe for protection and safety. I can say that their minds are not highly evolved yet and I wouldn't trust any more power bestowed upon them because Gawd knows what, they might have killed me if they wanted to. Should someone in that travel association group followed my pattern, then that person will become an outcast too. People are worried about anyone who become disloyal to their ways because that is perceived as danger to the group identity. They are right and you are wrong.

I guess I am in this space because I can identify with the communities here who advocate for wealth and empowerment (and take note, without oppressing people because this is a psychopathic thing to do). Balance, balance yes? Being wealthy with a bit of humanity (in my case because I'm diabolic). And who does not want to have a say in how things are and openly talk about it a.k.a. free speech - and yes this is our power too.

So who should we give the power to? If we are a collective of highly evolved minds, capable, and can operate on higher reasoning, then yes, we can aim for that people power. Because then we can make decisions collectively without resorting to eating and killing each other. It should be win-win for everyone (either we benefit tangibly or intangibly) while letting a few others freely progress especially if things are "deserved" or "earned". Or simply because they are better than us, surprise! There are actually people out there better than us. Now can we just empower and inspire each other to become better human beings?

But geez, too bad we are human beings. We underestimate our ability to go back to our primal instincts when things go tough. As human beings with sky high egos, we compete, attack, or protect our own tribes/identity. And those who lost tend to revolt. Then someone more powerful, a ruler, will intervene and regulate things. Someone more capable than a group of people. That is if we don't want to completely degenerate into complete and utter chaos (critical thinking of each individual sunk). I do think there's a reason why total control is not totally up to people yet. And there's a reason why we choose someone we look up to to lead. There will be times when we can't even trust ourselves and what we are capable of as a group. Yes, that freedom is hard too.


There's only cat power.


Because i come from a socialism goverment that ended up becoming a half dictatorship, i can say one thing about the power to the people: Sometimes people as a group are blinded by greed or promises, they are unable to actually drive the power on a good way and almost every time, people end up givin their power away to others willingly and with happyness.

Democracy, group thinking, hive mind, all those concepts are always relatable to a kind of slavery, because people is people, the mass is always right and sometimes, they dont really know what to do about power, and they will end up abusing it or losing it.

I loved your thinking and argument, i think is petty solid, great post <3 Have a hug!

In my region, I've experienced the harm group thinking or tribe mentality have done to me and other people who push change more than its supposed power. Power to the people corrupts I guess like you said. Sometimes the freedom there is too much people actually don't know what to do with it.

I loved your thinking and argument, i think is petty solid, great post

Aww thanks ☺️ it's not everyday someone says this.

-Awesome! I am not surprised when human beings are pulling each other's legs down because of greedy and selfish competition and the "Crab Mentality" that the way of thinking is "I am better than you or " I am the best" with this kind of mentality that all we think that we are the best and we don't believe in the ability and capability of others, everything ended up being ruined or destroyed..the focus becomes the personal competition and not the goal..and of course there is better there is you said "those who lost revolt"

That is why it is important to always balance everything in every way, but in that baLance do not let the side for yourself is on the lighter side..because in the is still you who will project, maneuver and drive your own sail in the middle of the disturbed ocean of life....

As always great thoughts! Have a blessed day!❤🌷


That is why it is important to always balance everything in every way,

Yes balance is the key. We can get ahead in this life and earn our own wealth without causing pain to others.

Wow! What an achievement it is to create your very own business, especially under the circumstances you described. For what it’s worth I think you’ve done very well for yourself and it appears you’re lucky enough to be living in a beautiful part of the world. Sometimes it’s good to take a look at the little things we sometimes forget about and take for granted. You’ve got a great brain buzzing away in your head but don’t forget to appreciate the finer details. All the best for your business and I hope you survive to crazy corona times. If you want to send me a link to your website and I’d be happy to share it.

Aww thanks 😊 . The startup journey wasn't easy but I guess anything meaningful in life is not easy to pursue. So you missed all the posts about my struggles during its early phase (You can dig it here lol). But now it's paused due to COVID oh well... when this is all over, I'd be back to doing what I'm really passionate about.

You won't believe that there are only 2 people out of my 2k + followers who know about my real life thing (It took a while lol). But soon I'll share it with you too just stick around ha ha. Someone even suggested to "tokenize" my business and I am still giving it a serious thought. It's difficult enough for me to share my myself what more opening my business thing to the HIVE world (I guess it's because people are so free to say and do things here lol - talking about decentralized!). But yeah, I guess that time will come when I'm ready...

One reason I like this place is because there’s nobody on here that I know personally and that means I can express myself in a more intimate way without feeling exposed. It’s quite liberating really.

Even though it sounds like I’ve missed a lot, I’m looking forward to hearing more about you and your life.

Same for me. It is easier to express my thoughts when I don't know anyone here personally. Thanks! 😊

End of last month I attended my Maori tribe's governing body's AGM. Reading between the lines, what I liked about their approach to business is a departure from "hire your own" to hire the best and train your own. In the last, a lot of tribes took grant money and gave jobs to their own believing that their own blood would not do them wrong: but they lost through fraud and/or incompetence. That old insular thing of hiring your own makes it incumbent on the tribe to ensure members are competent. That's just not possible in today's complex world imo.
But, it's a complex issue to mediate through retaining cultural values in a changing world. I hope they don't leave it too late - they live in a beautiful part of the world.

That old insular thing of hiring your own makes it incumbent on the tribe to ensure members are competent.

Still a lot of businesses operate this way. Even now with my new job, I feel like they don't really care about competence that much. As long as I'm part of their tribe or that I agree with them 100% all the time. Even big businesses lose money this way because this old behavior of their managers still persists. They lose the talented and keep the incompetent.




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