Capturing a couple lovebird at friends house.

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Today I visited one of my friends from college in Bireuen district, Aceh, Indonesia. He turned out to be a lover of birds, I also found some love bird at his home when visiting today.


He has a beautiful pair of lovebirds, apparently, his treatment is quite expensive, the price of his pair of lovebirds was once offered at a price of 6 million rupiah, but he was reluctant to sell it because he had already loved that lovebird from childhood.


Saya mendokumentasikan beberapa gambar, karena warnanya juga cukup canti, maka saya mengambil sejumlah gambar lovebird tersebut.


Her Lovebird has often been contested in various bird competitions in the district, although it has not yet been champion, but it has a pretty beautiful voice.


Photos were taken by Sony DSC RX 10