Why do women cheat on rich guys

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This one of the most annoying situation rich men go through a lot, because they believe with their level of achievement and success, their wives/girlfriends should be 100% loyal.
Here are a few reason’s why these kind of women cheat:

  1. Childish expectations:
    Most people rich guys are too busy to give the physical and emotional baby treatment, they’re always good at just giving money, and sometimes these women get lonely.
    Certain people cheat since they have unreasonable assumptions for what their essential relationship and partners can (and ought to) give. They might accept that their address ought to address their issues and wants, which is all an inconceivable norm to meet. On the off chance that they don't have dear loved ones to make up for an intermittent shortfall, they might seek after an alternative.


  1. Existing early life trauma:
    Con artists might be reenacting or idly answering unsettled youth injuries like disregard, psychological mistreatment, actual maltreatment, sexual maltreatment, etc. Basically, their experience growing up injuries have brought about connection deficiencies, which manifest as disloyalty.
    Some find it hard to fully trust their partner and assume that they’re cheating, and go ahead to satisfy themselves by cheating on their lover.


3.Once a cheater, always a cheater”:
Now this is the common category of female cheats, some women pretend to be loyal. Some are just addicted to it, not that they don’t love their partner, but they’re always not contented and look for the slightest reasons to cheat.
This is especially when they successfully cheated without getting caught in the past. Notwithstanding cherishing and partaking in their partner, a few miscreants accept they merit more. Rather than survey their loyalty promise as a penance made to and for their relationship, they view it as something to be worked around.
It isn’t advisable to forgive a woman who cheats, because “once a cheater, always a cheater”.


  1. The fun life they skipped:
    A few women who had good upbringing tend to later cheat in the future, because they feel old fashioned to be loyal and they want to know how it feels to cheat.
    For this situation, the betrayal is spurred by the existence that might have been, the darling who moved away, or the sweetheart who won't ever be. The miscreant isn't disappointed with their ongoing circumstance, yet they are interested about what their life could have been similar to in the event that they had followed an alternate way.

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