Move 2 Earn with STEPN! / STEPN 始めました!

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Hello everyone!
I'd like to introduce to you my latest toy/investment. It's STEPN everyone is talking about.
STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that lets you earn tokens (GST-Green Satoshi Token) as you exercise (walking, jogging or running) which is built on Solana blockchain.
I borrowed the image from STEPN website. I'll leave the link below.

I couldn't find a good English website explaining how this works. I'll explain roughly here I hope you can understand my English.

Before you can start earning tokens, you need to download the STEPN app to your mobile phone, create the STEPN wallet, send the currency called SOL to your STEPN wallet and purchase STEPN NFT sneaker.

Their sneaker comes in a Walker, Jogger, Runner and Trainer. Running with a Walker doesn't let you earn tokens so you need to choose the right sneaker for your exercise needs. Jogging will let you earn more than walking, and running will let you earn more than jogging. Trainer sneaker can cover all of the walking, jogging and running but more pricy. I said pricy. Yes, they are very expensive. I wish I looked into it a few months ago. The cheapest sneaker cost more than 10 SOL right now. One SOL is about USD$90.

My motivation for investing in STEPN was... first, I needed a good reason to exercise. I thought about getting a dog but I wasn't looking for a companion nor interesting in training one. I didn't want to spend money on a gym membership or new exercise gadgets that take room in my house.
Second, I had some Steem just sitting in my wallet. I also had some Hive sitting in my wallet which I was thinking of cashing out and spending on bill payments and buying something.
I had a little bit of BTC as well. I was getting bored watching the price going up and down lol.
So I said, let's invest in STEPN!
I thought about buying more Hive and power up but that doesn't make very much. Sorry but, I needed something more exciting. Yes, I was so very excited about what STEPN can bring me!
Anyways, I could lose big as well. We'll see...

Let's get back to how STEPN works. They also come in different rarities, levels. The numbers of the Attributes affect how much you can earn.
You have a choice to purchase Shoebox as well. It contains a sneaker with a random type and quality. This will give you a chance to get a rare sneaker. I think it's good to purchase a Shoebox especially if you are a runner because it wouldn't be a problem if you happen to get a Walker or Jogger. After all, you can do that as well. If you are not much of a runner like me, although getting a rare sneaker in surprise sounds nice, I don't think you wanna end up with the sneaker that you can't wear.

You might want to invest in more than one sneaker. You can only get 2 energy which lets you only exercise for 10 minutes. I haven't understood this part 100% yet but your sneaker will loose the energy in 10 minutes then, quarter of the energy gets refilled every 6 hours. Full recovery in 24 hours. I think...
I purchased 3 Walker sneakers. Two extra to give me 4 energy which let you exercise for 20 minutes a day. I will be using only one sneaker to walk. These two extra sneakers are just to get 4 energy, for now. I wanted to purchase them before the price go higher because I was planning to purchase them in the future anyway when I'm ready to mint.
Yes, you can mint a new sneaker by breeding two of your sneakers. You can perform this up to 7 times per sneaker. It cost though.
You can sell or rent the extra sneaker if you want to.
Owning more sneakers will let you exercise more and earn more. Let's see how I can do this.
For now, I will be walking and trying to level up. I will be earning the tokens every time I walk, but most of the tokens will be used for the maintenance of the sneaker and hopefully I can start saving up for minting in the future.

今日は私の新しいオモチャ、笑 じゃなくて投資のお話です。
最近ちまたで有名なSTEPN、スニーカーのNFTを購入して、歩いたり走ったりしてトークンGST(Green Satoshi Token)を稼ぐという魅力的なもの。Solanaブロックチェーン上で展開されているWeb3アプリだそうです。

英語で書かれているブログが見つからなかったので、英語ではダラダラと描きましたが、日本の皆さんはこちら を参考にしてください。STEPNとは何か、STEPNの始め方、稼ぎ方などとても分かりやすく書かれています。




I took a walk this morning. I'm usually not very active in the morning on the weekend, but I was so excited. I had to take a walk. The screen tells you how long you spend time walking, how fast you are walking, how many steps you are taking and how much GST (Green Satoshi Token)you are making. I made 4.21 GST this morning after walking for 20 minutes. 1 GST is about USD$3.80 right now.



It looked like the energy was refilled since my first walk, so I took my sneaker when I walked up to the store in the afternoon thinking maybe I can earn some more tokens. The count stopped after a minute or so. It said I made 8.35 GST altogether.
I’m not so sure what was happening there. I need to find the more efficient way to earn.
I hope you find the information interesting, and maybe join me on the walk!

HiveのVoting powerのようにスニーカーのエネルギーが回復する時間が決められています。6時間で4分の1が回復されるようです。この辺りまだ詳しく分からないので勉強が必要です。


That’s all for today.

Thanks for visiting!




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the boot is very expensive tough.
How much do you invest in this app?

It was very expensive. I didn't spend any of my cash though. They were already in different crypto tokens, total value was about USD$3200🤣
The sneakers are NFT so I can sell them if I want to.

I read somewhere about the NFT, but still it is a very expensive investment : )
but it will give you some income back and you also can get healthy while getting some token from your exercise. : )



初期投資を考えるとGSTも靴も価格維持してほしいけど、健全に長く続くサービスであってほしいという思いもあり… 複雑です!w