STEPN Weekly Report - Week 1 / STEPN 1週目

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Hello everyone!
It's been a week since I started taking a walk with STEPN.
STEPN is a move-2-earn application built on Solana blockchain.
If you would like to find out what is STEPN, please check out my past post.

● What is STEPN

I spent most of my first week trying to figure out how this move-2-earn app works and also being tried. I started by walking for 20 minutes a day. Oh boy, I am so out of shape! I was busy with my work as well but I think most of my energy went to repairing my muscle. I couldn't draw at all😭
Anyways, here is my weekly report of walking with STEPN.

Sneaker Type: Common Walker X 3 (I should have invested on a Jogger and a Runner as well. I’m not a runner but having them increases the percentage of getting a Jogger and runner when minted.)

● Distance Walked: 11.53km

● Time Spent on Walking: 2.7 hours

● GST made: 100.78GST (1GST = USD$3.23)

● GST spent for repairing, level up etc: 60.78GST

● GST saved for future minting:40GST


● STEPNって何?


スニーカータイプ:コモンウォーカー X 3 (私は走りませんが、JoggerとRunnerも買えばよかったです。mintの際にJoggerやRunnerが出る確率が上がるみたいです。レベル上げに全てのスニーカーを使って運動しないといけないのかなと思っていたら違いました。)

● 歩いた距離:11.53キロ

● 歩くのにかけた時間:2.7時間

● GST 報酬:100.78GST (1GST = 3.23USドル)

● スニーカーの修理、レベルアップなどに使ったGST:60.78GST

● Mint用に貯金:40GST

ECDE18BA-485D-4150-BBC4-C5B36FE2CFCA.jpegImage borrowed from STEPN


That’s all for today.

Thanks for visiting!




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I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing dear.

I'm happy to know that I got someone's attention.
I hope it was helpful. Thanks for stoping by!