Oh; how l miss my love

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Yes my love i said;
she was a gift to me in all sense, her messages, the songs, the inspiration, she was my bestie, my mobile office, my digital storage, she had a smart and intelligent eye (camera).
Oh how i miss my love, yes...... my phone i mean, l truly have enjoyed the little time we have been together, really missing her.


After a long season of not hanging out with my friends, I decided to make out time. we truly had a good time together.


A you can see it was an awesome experience, fun and joy was in excess , we joyfully eat together, shared some good moment and went round to check on some friends leaving close.
While we ask about sly, we got the information that she was at the farm close to our location, we decided to give her a surprise at the farm, you can see the expression on her face when she saw us.


after spending that wonderful time , together l felt fulfilled that at least i have made out time for them, I began my journey home to my place of aboard with excitement but never knew what was lying ahead.
Reaching my town of resident i stopped by to get some cash in other to pick some stuff back home since it was weekend. i am off the taxi, taking a work to the mall,

Here is the drama

I was moving yours sincerely with my laptop bag hanged on my back, my mobile phone was held in my hands, my wallet of course was in my pocket, suddenly a young man slide collision with me, it was obvious so i turn to figure out what happen, as i turned i saw him still moving along, i ignored and continued but a few steps away from there, i had a tap on my back, i turned and behold it was the same young man that collided with me a while ago. i ask him what is it, he responded, Na you get this town (are you the owner of this town), i was confused but while i wanted to respond to him i noticed that they guys were more than six (6) in number, the road was still as busy as usual.
while attempting to respond, l received the first slap TAARR on my face, i saw stars in multiple colours, before i could recover from the effect of the slap, i heard someone's hand on my waist belt, jacking me up, and in split of seconds my phone, wallet and all the money i had with me was gone including the drama actors except me. i muted for few seconds trying to understand what happened only to realize that i was robbed. l turned to look around but every one minded their business, no one whispered a word to me


hmmmmm l didn't know this guys have been so upgraded, am grateful i was not hurt and that life was preserved, i lost the garget but my mind is intact .
thanks to the social media platform for helping me keeps in the cloud this images.

This is how smart she could handle stuff within her area of specialty
staying for days without her is not funny at all, i cant do the thing she did, now things that took her flips of seconds to do now, i spent hours but yet not done.
I trully miss my love
@ekeminiemy am seriously praying that she come back soon.
thanks @uyobong @duncanek @peckypeace @evegrace @faithpower1 @diamoncare you guy are super-fantastic


Wow! Thanks dearie.