Intended to be controlled by an AI - Devices for human control

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In the previous articles I have been generalizing things in order to create the context to get into the main topic, today I want to present one of the fundamental devices that are part of the technological chain oriented to human control. It is the VERICHIP.

"The VeriChip personal identification system is a small radio frequency identification (RFID) device that is implanted in the human body. "


What we are looking at is a device about the size of a grain of rice that is capable of storing your personal information, banking data and I assume you could even use it (at some point) as a crypto wallet. So it can store your savings, plus it provides you with geolocation service to "find you if you get lost by accident or kidnapped".

If you are here with me I will ask you to pay a little more attention to the particularity of this device, until recently I mentioned that technology was oriented and does so today to the storage of our data for the benefit of those who pull the strings of the global system, right now your smartphone must be constantly sending your geographical location, and also has the ability to send a history of what you have seen and heard, to that we add that their cameras and microphones can send audio and video in real time.

If we decide to go to the mountains or anywhere and leave our devices at home no one will be able to locate us or receive any data about us, this VERICHIP makes an important difference because it is a device that is inserted inside the human body, so you will have to carry it anywhere you go constantly sending information about you to the service provider, the use that is then made of this information is subject to discussion.

Now we are facing a global crisis, imagine that there is a system capable of controlling where each person who inhabits this planet is, that would not only end crime, it would make us all "transparent" to the system and if we can also carry our money there we would never forget the wallet or have to carry valuable things that put us at risk, this device opens a sea of possibilities and although now it is only for private use I am sure that soon someone will force the world to use it.

An easy excuse is global security, but we can notice for now in a very clear way how technological devices are now being placed in the human body, so that they become part of man, as I have been saying the purpose of all this is to control the world's population. This article only represents the tip of the spear, one more piece of this great puzzle. Follow me if you want to continue completing all the pieces and don't forget to leave your valuable comments.


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