Intended to be controlled by an AI - Quantum Machines

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Here I am, my day has gone busy and I almost didn't publish, I don't want to break the streak since I have proposed to write at least one article per day. So let's get down to business 😀

We continue to assemble this puzzle and another of the pieces that I bring is quantum computing, to understand this concept we must first handle them separately, first know what is computing and previously taught that a computer is a device capable of performing computations, although your PC or cell phone seems to talk to you in the same language this is not entirely correct because they only handle a language called "machine language".


These zeros and ones are combined and grouped to adapt to our language showing us everything we see and hear in our computers, the whole process is based on computing devices that keep control of all operations and algorithms that are carried out within the process.

To understand the word quantum, more than everything it represents, we must go to the concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum physics, there are many materials about it and I do not want to be scientifically intense because I do not consider it necessary for the purpose of this article.

But we can say that quantum physics is in charge of studying what happens at very small levels of matter, so small that we cannot see them, there where are the particles in which the laws of classical physics lose domain.

Sometimes I ask myself: Who came up with the idea of looking at what cannot be seen to study it? why did he come up with it? what motivated him and what kept him motivated? The odds of someone coming up with it as a random thing are very small but there they are making progress in that field.

Our current computers are capable of processing millions of data per second, they perform calculations so fast that they have surpassed us by far. But they are no longer sufficient. Then a peculiarity emerged from quantum physics.

In the classical case, a light bulb is either on or off, it cannot be in both states at the same time and this is what represents 1 and 0 respectively, the number of bits and their states make up the representative codes limited to these.

It was discovered that in quantum physics the light bulb can be on and off at the same time, then all states are possible at the same time which gave rise to a computer with capabilities far superior to those we have seen so far.

Everything I have written so far you can see in the headlines of science magazines, but why are we talking about this?

In the previous topic I wrote about a device that serves to monitor certain activities of the individuals who wear them and much further back I wrote that they are always machines talking to machines, then each device inserted in the human body will be a machine sending messages, if all human beings that exist have one then how many messages will be arriving simultaneously to the same machine? (server).

It would be a lot of data and the current computers, no matter how powerful they are, will not be able to handle so much data, on the other hand a quantum computer can. You see where we are going? I leave it for you to analyze it for a while, follow me if you want to investigate more on the subject and do not forget to leave your comment.

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