The Power Of Songs

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I grew up to find my Mum always used to songs at home, she sings almost every day of the week in every week. I never understood what it means not until I increased in age to know the importance of her songs. I will be sharing in this post, the power of songs and how effective it is.


What is Song

Song is a pleasurable mixture of sound. When you sing, you stir up your soul with the lyrics of the song. Using your voice alone to make pleasurable sounds keeps you in an emotional mode depends on the type of song you are listening to.


There is a type of song you listen to, you feel like dancing, falling in love, it keeps you also motivated.

Importance of songs


I discovered when she sings godly songs in the house, there is usually peace in the home when she sings. Not that my home is noisy, not at all. At that point in time you feel like keeping quiet to face up your duty for the day.

Attracts spirits
If you sing Godly songs, you tend to beckon on the good spirits, they get attracted to soul. You are calling them.


That’s why you must pay good attention to the kind of song you listen to. If you listen to song that talks more about money, you attract the spirit of money but you need to be hardworking, it doesn’t stops at listening to a song or sing one.



These were the importance of songs I discovered useful to humans. Not all songs are good for the spirit.

Thanks for your time spent reading.

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I grew up with a mom who loved to sing songs and hymns throughout the house too.

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