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RE: The true importance of reading.

in OCD9 months ago

I admit you are a superb advertiser.

But the SQUID thingy caught me right "on guard" - HaHa! I am suspicious the moment someone sells me a machine which can do things I can't. My advantage to stay cool to those ads is that I feel instantly insulted and so a desire which might come up, dies.

I already said yes to cars and washing machines, to computers and navigation devices, that shall be enough. Although sometimes I deliberately do without it and have fun parking in a foreign city and then finding my way back to the car via detours, holding my finger in the air.

There is no mixer in my kitchen, it's exhausting to stir a batter by hand. I like to remember phone numbers and I know the one of my ex-ex-ex-boyfriend, which I memorised by means of a simple rhyme. Just recently I realised that I should have remembered my now-husband's number when I lost my bag with everything in it (including the mobile phone!) Sometimes I deny myself the use of machines because I need lack as a bit of contrast. But where lack is forced upon me, I strictly refuse it.

Can you share any ticks with me? :)