Facts, mysteries & legends about the Moon

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Some people like it, others not so much, but nobody can deny the fact that the Moon affects us all. After all, the Moon controls the tides on Earth with the so-called 'Tidal force'. We all know that our body is mostly water so it is logical to presume that it has some effect on us and our lives. During the full Moon, a lot of people are behaving and feeling differently. The energy is enhanced for everyone but the effect depends on the person. Some of us are edgier, some more violent (Police statistics confirm that the level of crimes is on the rise during the night of the full Moon), and probably everyone experiences the rise of the libido. All those stories about the creatures of the night that come out during that night, like Werewolves. The effect of the Moon is deeply embedded into our subconscious, that's a fact. But I'm not here to talk about human psychology and Moon connection. I am here to talk about some other Moon related facts that fascinate me even more than the secrets of human behavior.

/// Source: https://www.nasa.gov ///

Fasten your seatbelts, we will take a flight.

The Moon is too big! Yes, the Luna diameter is around 3.500 km. If we compare other planets in our Solar system, and their satellites, we will notice two facts. The dimensions of our satellite correspond to the size of Jupiter's moons. We all know that Jupiter is the biggest planet in our system (11 times bigger in diameter and 1300 times in volume than Earth). Our moon is even bigger than Pluto! The Earth's gravitational field is just way too weak to have such an enormous satellite (but yet, here it is). By using simple mathematics we can conclude that the Moon should be around 50 km in diameter. The second one is that the Earth is the only planet that has only one natural satellite.

/// Source: https://cdn.cnn.com ///

Let's stick to the numbers a little bit more. These numerical coincidences only work with the Sun, Moon, and Earth (and no other planets in our Solar system): The Moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and during a solar eclipse it is exactly 400 times closer to the Earth (which is why the Sun and the Moon look the same size during the eclipse). Earth rotates at the speed 400 times faster than the Moon and turns 40 000 km on its axis in a single day, compared to 400 by the Moon. This is the explanation of why we never see the far side of the Moon.

/// Source: https://laughingsquid.com ///

Enough about the numbers, let's talk a little bit about the myths and legends of various native tribes.

The Zulu tribe describe the Moon as an egg because thy say the yolk has been taken out (sounds like the hollow Moon theory). This is probably the oldest African legend in history, about the Chitauri, mythological snake people that tried to enslave the human race by using the superior technology. The Zulu believe that Chitauri brought and placed the Moon in the Earth's orbit, in order to control our civilization!

The story of the Moon rabbit is even more strange because of the fact that it can be found in many Asian cultures but also in the native folklore of both Americas. The moon rabbit is, simply put, the markings on the moon that look like a rabbit pounding in a pestle. Described differently in various cultures but with the same point of the story. If you want to find out more about the Moon rabbit, check out this awesome video:

This text is written and published on the night of the full (fool) Moon. May 7, 2020.


I am edgy and so so so “mondsüchtig“ every single time when the power of any moon’s, brightness smiles to my face.
Fool-ish or not....

Maybe all “Wolferinas” feel the same ?! ☺️


PS :
I plan to reply again ....

Your thoughts are more than welcome Wolferina :) Especially from that point of view.

I really like this name 🥰

Very interesting.

Did you call it the "fool" moon on purpose? Very funny and true, many do act foolish during full moons.

Tbh no, I didn't even release what have I done :D Foolish act, thank you very much! I edited the text but left the part in the closing sentence for you.

It fit very well :)

Everything happens for a reason :)

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