Buying Land Of Mars!

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Starting out something new in life gives us joy and pleasure for whatever we chose to do,some crazy stuffs make us happy even if those works dont support validation, but going against the current instead following the usual streamline root has something exciting and adventure to give to us.
In midst of living a life which looks bored we sometimes try to find which is nor seen everywhere in our daily deeds, but rather thinking something from out of the box,, thats what makes our life meaningful.


Space explorative journey is anything more fictious and imaginary that brings enough joy even despite there are risks at stake everywhere. Starting from the days when NASA began their march towards the unknown spheres of black body and settimg for distamt shores and event horizon, steeping onto the soil of moon, and that was one hell big dream, once called impossible to achieve, but I guess its worth of cherishing that,and rearing the same approach until they succeeded to achieve that feat How time does fly!😮 It was back then and throughout these years, it doesnt seem long but, lot of things have changed and we entered into a new era of space exploration.

If you have any fair acquaintance with space missions, you would know that, all the research laboratory and agencies trying to close the gap between Earth and Mars.Inching forward to take big leap and after all the theorization and sending rover,curiosity and robot assisted machines On Mars, they are looking forward to get there with more advanced technology But,here is something that caught my attention at the time I was reading a book, sitting at the desk with eyes open onto the mobile screen.To my utter surprise, I saw quite a large number of people applied for to buy lands on Mars.How brave they are and have to say they have guts, on the back side of looking at their decision, I think they are also fools and stooges, huh ha 😄.

Spending dollars to buy acres of land in mars wont give any guarantee whether you would be able to reach there in your lifespan, or even if the technology goes in that extremum limit, still there are questions to live there because of the weather pattern and toxic atmosphere with gaseous imbalance,in the place where there is no such symptoms of life,let alone life not any sure sort of info if water can be found there or not.But, we know some US and Euro based companies are holding patents for selling lands of moon, but its nothing more than crazy stuffs and exemplary though. But after all, its a news I think where there is a lot to think and wonder.


But,you know,I guess what is this,these guys did this just to get onto the spotlight of the worlds international media and forums, and with this their primary objective woulf be filled. But they know it enough that they wont be able to reach to mars in the form of human existence, maybe when they will die someday then the soul would fly their , and there wouldn’t be any complexity of physics laws like gravity,escape velocity, force and propulsion etc.and no such things called breathing and gas exchanges, hmmm.

What do you think,do you have similar kind of plan in the future like those guys?would that be wise to spend dollars and worldly resources for the purpose of buying extra terrestrial lands? Or it would be okay to be contented with whatever we have in our possession.But, going deep into the unknown is what rather makes us happy and thats one human tendency that sets us apart from the rest of the species and animes.These crazy stuffs might be funny in the first look, but who knows what comes next, we might not be there to enjoy and witness that,but who can tell you that its not happening?
Future may take us to our next to impossible journey, who knows better!! With conviction and believing in science we would someday reach there I hope,till then we could close our eyes and dream a great dream.

[Best regards :Bruce Rashford
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