Faith, the stacking monster

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I created a monster...Not a bolted together, stitched up creation like Dr. Frankenstein created, although that would have been cool...No, a pretty blonde one who looks good in a pair of tight jeans and can rock a tea-cosy on her head and actually make it look good...A stacking-monster is what I created...You can see her here panning for gold in the creek...I mean, that's dedicated right?

But it wasn't always that way.

I've been a stacker for a while; I see it as a legitimate option to fiat and when I can afford to I purchase some silver or gold.

Prior to the virus situation, since which both our incomes have significantly reduced, I had a strategy that permitted me the opportunity to stack a little metal away each month for a rainy day...I'm a silver and gold loving stacking-squirrel, so to speak.

Faith was never on board though; She knew I bought it, but never really showed an interest in my reasons for doing so. It seemed as pointless as cryptocurrency did. I'd explain the concepts, the reason for having some stacked away, but she saw it as pointless; Not a waste of money, just not the best use of it. Money in the bank seemed more appropriate to her. I know why that is of course, and understand it, but just couldn't sway her thoughts...Until the virus changed everything.

The financial scenarios around the virus situation brought it all together for Faith...She actually brought it up right at the start, the fact that money in the bank didn't seem like a great idea and maybe some more gold or silver would be a smarter choice.

I didn't say "I told you so," but wanted to.

From an early stage in the current virus situation we went over the conversations we'd had previously and it all simply fell into place in her mind. She even said that she wished she'd listened to me earlier, which was nice to hear; It meant I knew she was on board.

We managed to secure a little gold and silver at about that time fortunately and since have sought out some more silver but it is simply not available. My silver guy can't get any and Perth Mint consistently sells out...I don't like buying directly from there anyway though, they only take payment by credit card which I don't like to use for silver or gold for obvious reasons. (My silver/gold guy takes cash.)

It's all good though, I'm just pleased she sees the merits of stacking now...It took a global pandemic to bring her around so...Thanks COVID-19, you did one good thing at least!

I wish Faith and I could spend our days out panning for gold, and that the return was commensurate to the effort, however we can't.

We can work on our savings plan though, and exchange the useless polymer notes the government pass off as currency for something with real value; Silver and gold. With both of us focused on it I think we'll do better, save better and gain more...Once it's available and our incomes go back to normal.

I don't think I'll ever get her onto hive considering how much she hates social media, she leaves me to gather our magic internet money, but together we're going to push forward with a little stacking and hope that we get some benefit down the track.

She's not really a monster, I actually made that bit up...But she talks about stacking, asks about the prices, actively thinks about it and how we may be able to afford a little extra...It's fantastic to have her on board as we work better together as a unit than individuals.

Oh, you have to promise me...If you ever get to meet her don't tell her I made a tea cosy remark about her beanie.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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How about panning for digital gold, hive and bitcoin work well.

are things relaxing a bit more on your side. I see more activity in the city.

We do the crypto thing...Well, * I do* at least. Faith leaves me to it mostly, but I'm pleased she's embraced stacking as it makes it easier to do.

All good here, just SNAFU. (I assume you know what that means.)

Yes, more activity around the place which is good, provided people don't go too crazy. A second wave will see us locked down even more stringently and I don't want to see that happen. Are you still working from home? Has this affected you all that much?

Yeah i use SNAFU all the time, along with foo bar (you might know that one its a military term)

working from home on a split shift arrangement, rolling five days, first at home then in the office.

Yep I know FUBAR also...A standard state of being in the military. Lol.

We're not too affected here to be honest, less money sure, but otherwise our lives aren't too different to normal conditions. A little sure, but we keep to ourselves a lot so we're not really suffering from isolation.

Awesome.... yes . Panning for gold is the best way to accumulate gold.

It's good fun too...When the shiny stuff turns up...Lol.

I followed you, my friend :)

Hi there @equeqtra and thank you for the follow.

Has she found about about Mene yet? :)

I don't even know what mene is so no, she has not.

I always thought mene was a misspelled version of meme. I'm serious.

Mene is 24 karat jewelry sold by gram weight with a fully disclosed design fee. Prices fluctuate on the website according to current gold and platinum prices. Unlike 14 or 18k gold mene is all 24k undiluted gold and investment grade platinum jewelry.

“Mene” is an ancient Aramaic word for money representing a specific weight.

If you are interested take a look. :) thanks for the response!

Ah cool...Ok, that makes complete sense. (Now I feel like a dick.) Lol.

We're not into jewelry really, we prefer bullion. I'll take a look though as it sounds interesting...And i have to educate myself so I don't make a fool of myself in this way again.

Meme/Mene (I am such an idiot. Lol.

No problem at all! I mean, you don’t know until you know right :)

And you are NO fool... you own gold!

Thanks for checking it out:)

Covid-19 has done a couple of good things like making people who previously thought they would never be able to homeschool realise that they could (and cementing for others that they most definitely absolutely cannot, though in fairness this method of homeschooling sucks), make people and businesses realise that working from home is a perfectly viable option and just because you can't see the person doesn't mean they're slacking off XD

Somewhat less thrilled about the making heaps of people sick thing.

I am telling her about the tea cosy remark.

You don't have to worry about that as I will probably forget if I ever do meet you in person

How was your prospecting trip? :)

You know, there's many lessons to be learned during this situation...The question is how many will learn those lessons and apply the moving forward. I know I will be.

Had I told many (most) of my friends, last November, that this situation was going to happen they would have laughed and said no way! And here we are. People tend to forget...Let's hope some retain the memory and make some changes moving forward this time. (Home-schooling is a good example.)

That photo was from Arrowtown in NZ, and old gold prospecting town, when we were there in October. Such a great day of four-wheeling and gold prospecting. We actually got a speck of gold...I reckon if we stayed there for another hundred years we might have gotten a lot more. Lol.

You better forget about the tea cosy thing...You'll get me in trouble.

that's cool , did she find any gold ?

Yeah, a speck. I have a photo of it...But it's difficult to make out. It was there though...We didn't keep it.

This was in Arrowtown, New Zealand, a small gold prospecting town...They pulled a lot of gold out of the ground back in the day.

Ahh, that's nice ! Gold panning it's something I've always dreamed of doing ! But unfortunately, the gold veins are not very numerous in France !

My girlfriend reminds me a bit of what you say about Faith in all things finance (money in the bank & tender incomprehension about my gold, silver and crypto purchases) Glad to purchase some before all that crisis (the beginning of it..)

But now with all these events, she's starting to see it differently...

To follow 😉

Panning is fun...It's time-consuming, and not the easiest thing to do...Years of playing American Football here in Australia has left me with a bad back and knees...But it's fun for sure.

We did this in Arrowtown in New Zealand last October. It's an old gold prospecting town...Beautiful place.

I think there's many lessons to learn from this virus thing...I hope many learn them and carry them forward. I'm pleased Faith latched onto the metals thing and so is she...She wishes she did so earlier, but she knows now.

France is awesome! We love it. Been several times and will go back again for sure.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

you're welcome ! Yeah, I can imagine how exhausting that must be, too ! Makes you think of the thousands of men who have practiced this...
I'll take a look at this link, thanks :)

Anyway, better late than never! I'm also optimistic about the changes this virus will have triggered... I hope for the best, but it will take a lot of time though

France is a nice country, a bit old-fashioned in some cases, but it also has its good sides ;D don't hesitate to ring the bell if you're passing by Paris... after this global containment anyway !

We love Paris...Been three times. I think it's changed a little since we were there last which was before those terror attacks but we love the culture, walking its streets, the food, and just the general tone. Let's hope the virus goes away...we'll be back for sure.

Yes, it is sure that these attacks have disrupted things and that the general atmosphere has been affected ... to the pleasure of you meet there ... or in your country ;)

We will still come there, provided it's safe. I mean those things can happen anywhere right? We love Paris, and France in general. It's all so different to Australia, the history and culture. One day soon I hope.

Yes, for sure, the stories are quite different ! I sincerely hope that such events won't happen again, but it's hard to be totally sure !

Be well :-)

It must have been a really strange feeling to experience that, to live in a city that was subjected to that sort of thing. My city has never had something like that.

Panning is so common here in Ghana due to the availability of minerals in most parts of the land. It really is a good thing to do if well done. Thanks for sharing this today sir @galenkp

Oh really? You mean gold panning? Tell me more.

We have gangs of what they call "illegal miners" here and they go down into the old mine shafts. Ripping out much gold to sell to the syndicates. South Africa is well known for its gold and diamonds!

Happy panning my friend!

When gold fever strikes night can stop it. Lol.

This was back in October at a place called Arrowtown, New Zealand. It's an old gold mining town from the 1800's. It was a bit of fun.

Yep, gold has cost this country much blood, tears and pain.
Remember the concentration camps where so many women and children died?
All to get at the gold.

Not much panning done here, as all of the gold reefs are underground.
Looks like fun and glad that you guys enjoyed the outing,

Yep, many people have suffered so much just so someone else can wear something shiny on their finger.

Indeed my friend. Life certainly shows some shocking statistics in history about human greed and "kindness".

Humans can be a terrible species. It's amazing how one species can do so much harm, and so much good all at the same time.

Yep. We call it extremities and all of us have a bit of the Hitler and Lady Theresa within us my friend. The song of the human soul.

Those are extremes for sure. I guess in the right circumstances I could do some pretty bad things, say, if someone hurt Faith, I'd amp up pretty quickly. I don't know if that makes me bad, or just normal..

Tea cosy oh dear im in stitches... hmm monster anyway that was funny, no doubt you'll get knacked for it :)

Lol, yeah...That bloody beanie looks like a tea cosy...I've told her so too...She laughed. The thing is, I have one similar. I have posted pictures of me wearing it here...I might do a double tea-cosy post for a joke!

That's great progress! Panning for gold is hard work. I've found a few flakes before and it was very exciting but didn't pay for my fuel or my time by any means. Did it more for entertainment, I guess.

I've been buying just a little silver. Just getting started myself. I'm itching to buy some gold too. I'm reluctant to buy gold with today's prices though. Not to say it can't go much higher. Silver hasn't done much yet and I could see it starting to go up at some point.

Yep, it sure is hard work...It starts off all good, then about 1 minute later it starts to backslide. Lol.

Little by little is the way I think, depending on your financial position. I have a strategy, it revolves around going without other things to afford the gold and silver so it's a solid plan I think...Saving is saving I guess. I think gold will go up, but understand your reluctance. Silver is undervalued in comparison I think.

Do you prefer coins or blocks? (bars)

I agree, little by little is best. Right now I am preferring coins.

Yes, that's what many prefer. It's nice to have them clinking in the hand. I have many. I also bar 1 kilogram bars too, there's better value that way, generally. But coins are good too.

Yeah, I'm sure I overpaid for some of my coins. The kilo bar would be a much better value.