G-dogs weekend-engagement topic week 4: Draw yourself [Win hive!]

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Hello team, it's Friday again and I hope y'all had a good week and are ready for week four of the #weekend-engagement topic...And to win some hive!

It's been a sad week for my family; We lost my best friend Merlin, our cat we've had for 22 years, and sadly, my dad passed away also. Thank you for all your messages of condolence. We are grieving of course, and miss both terribly. The grieving will change over time though and we will remember both fondly and with much love moving forward.

I wanted to continue with the weekend engagement topic rather than let it slide too, a little fun is what I'm after and I hope y'all participate!

In honour of my dad, a tremendous artist, I decided to make this week's topic a drawing task. No skill is required as you can see from my effort below that I did as an example. I am a terrible artist.

The prize

This week there's 160 hive on offer, 20 from myself and thanks also to my little brother @tarazkp for adding 20 hive to the pool...He better add a picture too or big bro G-dog might apply a smack-down...As I have done so many times. The most legit @meesterboom has also injected 20, the beautiful @m31 30 hive and the esteemed @krazzytrukker another 20. I just received 30 hive from @ryivhnn and also 20 from @creativemary for a total of 160 hive y'all! There's a lot to play for here!

EDIT: 160 hive in the prize pool!

I am open to sponsorship if any of you would like to add to the prize pool too! Simply transfer me the hive and tag me in a comment that you have done it so I can edit this post. There is no obligation of course.

The criteria

All you need to do is draw yourself doing something you enjoy, take a picture of it and post your drawing in the comments below.

You can see me above hiking in the Australian outback at sunset. That's a kangaroo on the right and in the trees to the left is what is supposed to be a koala. In the sky is a flock of sulfur-crested cockatos's making their way to the stand of trees.

I know, it's a terrible drawing! perfectly terrible...And that looks nothing like me! Clearly my dad's artistic ability didn't make its way to me but it's still legit as it's mine, just as yours will be because it is yours.

Be creative and have some fun with it, don't spend all weekend drawing a masterpiece, unless you want to, this is not at all about the best drawing.

Feel free to clarify in the comment what you've drawn and I'll give you a tip...The crazier, wackier, and funnier it is the better chance you'll have to win.

Place your image in the comments section along with any description text you want to add. Make sure you enter before Monday morning 02:30 GMT - That's 12pm (lunchtime) Monday my time. I will announce the winners soon after and the hive will have been transferred prior to the announcement.

This is all about fun and engagement and I think with this weeks' topic there could be a lot to chat about. To be honest I could use a good laugh so I hope a few of you join in and come up with something creative. Just remember, super-good drawing is not what I'm looking for; Fun and creativity is.

So, I hope you'll join in on this little fun drawing competition, and that you forgive my terrible drawing skills. My dad kept encouraging me even though he knew I was terrible at it so this drawing is for him.

Good luck everyone!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

I am open to sponsorship if any of you would like to add to the prize pool. Simply transfer me the hive and tag me in a comment that you have done so. There is no obligation of course.

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Lol, this is funny. It looks like you're burning money though 😁

I am definitely burning through money :D

Now that shit right there is frikkin funny!

And... "A True Story."

They are called money pits after all...

a fire pit in this case.

You Sir, should be featured in an Arts Gallery

Featured? With this work?

It should have a dedicated building to house it! ;D

Working hard at home at the same time littering cash every where right🤔🤔🤔


just burning cash on tradespeople and problems!

Ohh. Wow. That's a lot of cash to burn. Can it trade it for firewood? 😂😂😂
You give me cash and I give you enough firewood to throw.


I live in Finland - all there is here are trees and lakes... they burn the wood and then use lake water to put out the fires, just so they have something to do with it all ;D

Welcome to my country Nigeria where food cooked with firewood turns out to be the best you could ever taste.

Wood me can be used for variety of purposes. Why waste them?


Avoid Contractors at all cost.

Yup. All that's missing is last weeks calculator to work out just how far in to debt you are digging yourself.

I see a definite artistic flair, you are clearly wearing an artiste's beret... :D

A massive 3704

Hahah throwing dat money at the house! Too funny man. That's one way to make it rain lol

The fire isn't going out for a while - it seems to be growing

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Making good use of that money mate. Lucking you're a gazillionaire! It looks like you have a platypus on your head. All true-blue Aussies have a platypus hat.

The geography books at school were not just being overtly stereotypical!

Contemplates the barbies, shimps, Ned Kelly hats and amber nectar too...

Oh yeah, platypus hats are all the rage here. We have a public holiday especially for platypus hunting and hat making. It's called platypus day. It's so festive.

Even Ned Kelly had a platypus hat...He just wore his steel armour helmet out in public more. Bless him and his bushranger spirit.

Lmao I love this, typical fixing up of an older house, throwing money on a slow burning fire!

The far simpler method of-course would be to throw the money on the fire first, resign yourself to the condition of the house and bloody relax!

In the longrun and with beer it's a win/win! :D

Only man who has thrown money at home renovation could make a comment like this. I know you've had loads of DIY money burning experience. Lol.

It is the Aussie equivalent of a Coonskin cap


A duck billed hatypus? :D


hatypode if you have several.

Oh touche Sir... Touche :D

Lol...We've got plenty of those duck-billed buggers...Why not make hats out of them.

Interesting and definitely original 🙂

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words! <3 :)

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Hmm...One eye in your head and one I'm your stomach. Seems totally legit!

Looks like you're just about to enter into a time warp machine and spiral back in time to when having an eye in your stomach was considered the height of fashion!


Just got in, ready to get sucked in the vacuum of the infinity! :D

Lol...You're going to impress dem ladeez with that stomach-eye of yours.

hahahahah!!!! SWAAAAGGG SON!!! :D

@galenkp Please find my entry for the weekend Contest

Special thanks to @tarazkp for additional 20 hive

Entry Post


First of all thanks for organizing this weekend contest, My new pencil drawing is about an WOLF HOWLING AT THE MOON,Today I have made a pencil sketch of wolf howling at the moon, generally we have seen this scene in many times in the horror movies. Which decipt that some bad things will be happening soon and we need to be careful. Yesterday I was Seening a horror movie so I thought I should make a sketch today. Hope you will enjoy it 😊.


Thank you so much for your support ❤️.

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Thanks for your entry...

The criteria called for you to draw yourself doing something you enjoy.

This is a good drawing too. I assume you're not a wolf though. 😂

@galenkp wolf man is the basic concepts behind the drawing LoL 😜. In weekend I become imaginery wolf. Roaming here and their enjoying long drive in forest. Free from tension.

Ahh, ok I see! Fancy yourself as a bit of a wolf huh? Being a would would be cool.

Here is a beautiful picture of yours truly, @beckie96830. Sitting on a chair at the beach, enjoying the view, my umbrella chair shading me from the sun and my cup of coconut drink with a basket of fruits at the table 😂😂😂


Is there a place for me too? I'd be happy to spend some time there 😉

So you wanna join me, under the hot blazing sun😥😥😥😥

Thank you very much for agreeing to keep me company.


Aww, how nice of you 🤗

Ohh. Thank you very much for your comment. There's still space for two of us and many of your friends you'd like to invite.


The pleasure is all mine 😘

That I can relate to, most days are to cold here, although we do have an occasional warm one. The only thing missing is the extra long fishing pole.

Ohh. You even got time to fish. Once I have cold weather I'm good to go.

Thank you very much for your kind response.


Well look at you, Mrs. Fancy

Well hello Mr Fancy

I lovelovelove that the sun could double as a life ring if you start to struggle whilst out for a swim in the sea.

That is very, very practical of you to think so far ahead. Nice job Beckie :D

Thank you very much dearie.
I just put two and two together while drawing.

I imagined how I'd love to spend a beautiful day at the beach and what to expect. A favourable weather condition.


Oh the beach... The beach... How I would love to spend a day like that right now.

Oh I try and put 2+2 together often I always come up with the same damn answer...

80085!!! 😏

You didn't add more 2s to get 80085. You need a lot of 2s and I bet you, you can't get enough of it.


Uhm... I even added some 3's but that just disturbed me!

Some things a man should NEVER see 😕

Lies. They are things men would always wanna see.


Wow! I love this

Pretty neat huh? Makes me want to go to the beach.

Don't even go there please 😂😂😂

I'm so tempted to use my native language to express my emotions🤐🤐🤐🤐😂😂😂

You'll get a better view when you get to the beach.

My pleasure

Thank you very much dearie. I'm glad you do like it.


Thank you very much dearie. I'm glad you do like it.



Really or you're just teasing my awful drawing.

Thank you very much regardless. I'm such an awful artist.


In this case awful places you in good stead to win something! 🥴

Now why did none of my teachers ever say that when it came time to dish out the A's?

It was always "Wood, you're an embarrassment" or "Wood did you place a pin on my chair?"

Lol...pin on chair. You might just be my spirit animal.

Maybe, just maybe you were a trouble maker or they had a thing for you but couldn't say.


Uhm... Maybe... Now that you mention it one of my teachers was always staring at me in a funny way!

Oh I do miss Mr Thompson, such a friendly man 😁

I wouldn't suggest that they liked you😛😛
You were definitely troublesome.

At least you can hold a pen and draw something. Kudos to you.

Yup! That's what I am thinking, if I had drawn it you would not be able to tell the difference between me or the coconut!!!

You back at work now John? I know you were eager to return. :D

@stevenwood I have resumed but not fully. Some days off and On. Thanks for asking. Regards.

Ah! I see. Maybe that is for the best to begin with. Work days will surely be tiring after being home for so long, but you get to return to work too. Take good care my friend :D

This is the spirit.
You go girl!

Oh there is certainly spirit... BUT Is it rum or vodka???

This is the question?

It is Irish potato martini. Coconut plus rum & vodka.

Oh that sounds good right about now... If it was by a beach ((even in the rather chilly right now, North of England,)) I would say... Deal! Oh who am I kidding? I'd drink it in a bus stop, from a shoe!!! :D

🍸 Cheers

Thank you very much dear.
I'm glad you liked it


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Looks like there's alcohol in that coconut drink, enjoy!!

Lol, all alcohol I'd say by the look of her face... 😂

Thank you very much.
I don't think coconut drink contains alcohol 😂😂

I guess mine specially does.

Lol...What a masterpiece! There's so much to love here...Your beautiful face, hot bikini bod and some healthy food and drinks on the table! I can almost smell the salty air, hear the waves lapping at the shore...The sea birds calling.

Look out Beckie, The Louvre in Paris is going to want this one!

Oh nooo😂😂😂
I can't believe this. I can almost slap myself right now cause of this drawing. I'm wearing bikini now. Some boobs showing (what @abh12345 asked for last time).

After you all gaze your eyes on this beautiful masterpiece I promise to put it up for auction 😂😂😂

Kindly suggest a good art gallery I could visit. Thank you very much much


I was wondering how long it would take before someone mentioned last week's most popular thing...Boobs! You're the first, maybe not the last. Boobs and bikinis go together I guess, so I shouldn't be surprised.

I was inspired by last week's prompt that I decided to add a little touch of it 😅😅
More will come hopefully.

I'm glad I mentioned it. It's great to see a lot of bikinis on the block chain and boobs🤐🤐🤐

Lol...Can never have to many boobs. It's just not possible.

Really 🤔?? I don't believe this 😆😀😀
Let's see.
Let's leave block chain aside now. Isn't it possible to see too many boobs in real life???

Scientists have been asking that exact question since the dawn of time...

What number of 80085 is too many 80085???

Well, only two per person would be good...No more than that! 😂

A masterpiece!

Always good to see bikinis on the blockchain :)

That rather depends on who's wearing them though!!!

Please, PLEASE dont!!! :D

The only problem is there is not enough! 🤔

I knew you'd come running at the mention of 80085🤐🤐🤐

It's a purple bikini 👙 in case you're wondering 😂😂😂

I have a rule set on Ginabot to inform me of 80085 :D


Looks red not purple :P

No wonder you came running. It's purple. Look closely.

Remember there was a calculator in last week's prompt but I saw a beautiful door mat😂😂

I looked really closely and am pretty sure it is red!

Door mat, white stallion, make your mind up! :D

I decided to join this fun drawing ! I am calling this -> Coffee break .

Coffee Break

actually trying to hold the cup so it won't fall of. I am clumsy as hell. No more spilling coffee on the way to the work space.

It's probably my 3rd cup of coffee. As you can see there are some mugs and bottles on the table. On screen there's hive and the terminal. Next to my work table, there's my book shelves with my tablet on it and again you can spot an iced coffee glass and books. My room is almost full of books and coffee beans !.

I love how you took the time to work on details, you're funny :)

You know, I thought that was my most awful drawing ! glad you found it funny though.

I like your drawing, the work station reminds me of 5-Alive robot form an old movie, always wanting more input. I can't even remember the name of the movie but it was an okay one.

oh wow, I'll try to find that movie! when talking old movie, how old was it? 5 years ago?

I googled it - Short Circuit is a 1986 - like I said an old movie

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Your computer desk looks a lot like mine...Some would say messy, I say productive. Lol. Coffee is an essential part of the day so it's good to see you're on your third...coffee makes the world go round after all.

I can't leave a comment without mentioning how lovely you look in the dress. So special. It accentuates your figure so well. 😂


hahahahah indeed, some would say even a little clutter is messy. I turn coffee into words and code, later to money, it really make the world go round :D

Lol...Coffee is our best friend at times huh? Coffee into code and then money! Perfecto!

For this drawing I wanted to represent myself, @edwarlyn11, in a very funny way all the activities I do at home. And the most important thing is to leave the time necessary to work from home on the platform. Thanks for the support and commitment of the weekend @galenkp!❤️❤️

this is actually pretty good. Mine looks like a 4 year old did it :)

Well that was the idea @ buceo, to make it look like a drawing of a kindergarten child haha, and have fun trying!

yup you're inner child way more talented than mine haha

YES that's the reality these days !

Ps yes dear friend @macchiata, it is a portrait of our reality today! haha

Oh God! 🤦 Why do I recognize myself in that drawing? 😜
Sometimes I'm doing that too, race against time.

It's very common for everyone to have that competition against the clock!

Yeah, modern times.

A busy life, I bet you enjoyed the break to have some weekend on line fun.

Well yes! I'm not going to deny you dear friend @bashadow, on weekends I take a break from the busy routine.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Cleaning, hand washing, cooking and working out...Add working on the computer at home and that's what most of the world has been doing...It seems you do it all with ease!

I have to say though, you must find it difficult to find jumpers that fit having six arms and all. Still, you pull of the look well and it doesn't look odd at all! Lol.

I can see you have evolved perfectly with four long arms to reach things whilst using your two shorter ones to work on the computer simultaneously. Highly evolved species.

A great entry!


hahaha well, yes friend, we can consider ourselves a highly evolved species, we are capable of performing all those tasks and more! Once again thank you for the support and initiative of the @galenkp contest

You are welcome. Good luck in the judging process.

This is me everyday since this covid. I'm still wondering how I haven't broken down since then.


I think we're all like that, the important thing is to look for alternatives to get ahead, and not fall apart as you say @beckie96830 haha

I'll have to agree with you on that. I haven't broken down for the past 4 months and It will never happen.

I'm glad you're looking for alternative to get ahead. It's my pleasure meeting you.
Have an awesome weekend.


Let's not lose hope that all this happened dear friend, it was also nice to meet you and I wish you a happy weekend Becky ❤️❤️

Here's my entry

This is me doing what I love which is making sketches and digital art while sitting on my table. I love tea too🥳🥳🥳 I hope you like it


Trying digital drawing is something I'd like to do one day. Looks like you're a professional.

I just do my best, I keep learning as the day passes

For a change, it seems like you can draw!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I can see you take your digital art seriously...Nice to see it's fuelled by coffee also, as all good things are.

Just kicking back, taking a coffee break whilst drawing on your computer...Seems like a totally legit thing to be doing!

Nice earrings too...Classy. lol.


Thank you

@galenkp here is my weekend engagement. This is a drawing of me doing what I love to do and sincerely, drawing is my passion and when I saw this initiative from you, I said this is a nice opportunity for me to showcase my skill and passion. What I love doing is drawing and creating and I have the opportunity again to draw out what I really love to do. Thank you so much for this @galenkp db28kj.jpg

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement @galenkp

Mirrors Drawings of Infinity @galenkp.

I have always been fascinated by them.

That would be neat to see @oladele-art infinity drawings.


Yeah, that's what I was getting at. An infinite vision, drawing after drawing. So many @oladele-art's all drawing each other. Freaky, yet pleasing to my OCD.


Oh, true. You did explained that to me earlier

That will be awesome

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

You did a great job, I like it.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate. I am glad you like it

A drawing of you drawing...I like the symmetry of it.

The only thing that could top this would be a picture of you drawing yourself, in which you were drawing yourself...And in that drawing you were also drawing yourself.

That would be a lot of you's all on one page I guess though. 😂


I remember those by-gone days. I went from a push mower, to a gas mower, by-passed the electric mower, went next to the riding mower, and now I don't have one and do not miss having one. But I did actually enjoy cutting the lawn when I had one.

That was me yesterday. With a bit more hair tho ;P

my hair left me few years ago :)

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Sunny day, mowing lawn. Bloody nice lawn too!

You must go to the same gym as @meesterboom! Seems like they know how to build massive bodies! Lol.

Thanks for joining in...Magnificent drawing. 🙂


this is more accurate :D

bil prag today.jpg

Lol, I appreciate the honesty 😁 it's a good drawing, love your red lawn mower.

😂😂 Cracked me up with this secondary, more anatomically correct drawing...

Something I love doing!


Hahaha... this is cracking me up.
You fight boredom with a sword?
Oh wait first, I don't even know which one is you. ;)

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Lol...I didn't think of that...Maybe Boomy is boredom! Hmm, you raise an interesting conundrum.


Lol... I knew someone would see things my way

You made a very persuasive argument and it's difficult to fault your logic.

A very good point, which one am I!!! Mohohowahr!!!

trembles in fear

This is scary 😲 😁

Hehe, scary in its handsomosity!

Ohhhh... Now I get it! I couldn't see the word boredom ((I'm blind as a bat!!!))

I thought it was an interprative piece I was caught between...
A - Chasing the dragon...
B - Swordfighting against a giant sperm...
C - Tackling the very last coronavirus in Scotland...

I am glad somebody in the comments pointed out the word in question!

Have a smashing ((your word, not mine)) weekend Boomy :D

Hehe, you need never fear seeing an interpretive piece from me!

I hope you have a smashing weekend too mate! :0D

I am travelling from the dismal North down to rather snobby Chichester tomorrow to pack up the youngest's Uni apartment. On the evening we shall be staying in a hotel, you may remember them, from before the apocalypse? It's like a great big house with many, many bedrooms.

Cheers Boomy :D


We have only heard of such places in the wet m whispered Audra of the poshos. Hotels too, I had believed them a myth!

Oh Boomy I am through the looking glass here!

These people are so full of themselves, they hang clean strips of rag at the windows to show off to passers by and name them 'curtains.' I ask you, seriously!

Ninja... vanish!

Slim and tiny dude with brave mind. Interesting!👍😂

Slim? Morel like skeletal! Lol.

Haha, you are right!😅

I bet you that tiny blade can't cut through the fearless, bold and scary boredom 👻

Puny!? By the gods, step lightly lest I turn it on you!!! ;0)

Oh my 🤭🤭🤭

I'm sorry my bravest warrior
Forgive thou humble servant 🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇

Raaaar, send me the meat of ten goatse's and I shall spare your village!!!!

Your kind Sir, I have something better 🙇🙇🙇
A truck load of sexy ladies in bikini ready to make your day a memorable one.

You can have ten of our maidens. Please sir, spare of village. 😥😥😥