The obsession - A short story- Fiction

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The clouds gathered quickly, and you could hear the rumbling of the thunder miles away. The lightning struck in the middle of the forest and for a second the whole forest lit up.  White streaks of pure white crackled against a stormy blanket of grey. 

Jessica thought that she would be safe here but now realized that nowhere was safe. She literally just escaped the claws of death after being held captive for weeks. Her wrists were sore and raw because of the rope constricting blood flow. 

She could feel the adrenaline pumping while she ran to safety and knew that she had to get as far away as possible before he caught up with her. 

She never expected this to happen to her. After she caught Tom cheating, she didn’t want to see him ever again. They broke up but for months after that, he kept pestering her. It became so bad that he was eventually banned from her workplace.  

She nearly lost her job because of his obsession. She couldn’t take it anymore and finally took leave to get away from Tom.  

She booked the flight, but she never boarded.  He grabbed her in the bathroom before she boarded and carried her out of there as if she had just fainted. She didn’t know a thing. 

Jessica felt a pain in her side and knew she had to rest.  She ran as far as she could and moved in behind a tree. It was pitch dark, and the leaves protected her a little bit against the rain. She rested for a few minutes but knew she had to get moving again. 

She had no sense of direction, but every step meant one step further away from him. 

The forest lit up again, and she turned around just to see the figure behind her coming closer faster than she could run. The rain blinded her sight, and she expected him to grab her from behind at any second.  She held her breath and expected the worst but prayed for a second that God would just help her to get away. 

Lightning struck again, and suddenly she heard a bloodcurdling scream behind her. She stopped and turned around just in time to see Tom fall to the ground

He was directly struck by the lightning and she could hear the ax fall on the ground. 

She fell on her knees and started crying. She just lay there and cried. 

The rain stopped, and she could see that it was nearly dawn. She could hear the sound of cars nearby and walked towards the sound.  

The nightmare was finally over. 


Hi @giantbear , so glad Jessica managed to escape from that evil creature, thrilling story, would like to read the whole story. Thank you from sharing.

Thank you @artywink I only write short stories like these. With work I don't have much time to spend with my imagination. LOL!

That is great @giantbear , loved it anyway. Have a great day.

I hope he doesn't survive the lightning strike...What an animal! NIce piece by the way.

No he is dead as a door nail. Thank you!