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RE: Special Museums in Vienna (1) // Spezielle Museen in Wien (1)

in OCD2 years ago

Wow! This is a beautiful museum! The globe's designs are priceless! I also love the musical instrument collection, especially the harp! I would love to learn how to play that. In my dreams. Le sigh. 😉

Thank you for taking us there. 😊


They are actually three separate museums. But each one is worth a visit.

The harp is an absolute highlight. It's amazing that the design of the harp hasn't changed over the last two hundred years, as you can see on the photo in stayoutoftherz's commentary.

Oh I see. Yes, I think the beauty of each museums are different from each other, but still beautiful nevertheless! 😉

I agree, the harp's natural design was kept! It is amazing! 😍

Thank you once again! 😊