Evening walk in the mountain.

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A nice evening for a walk in the mountain today looking for possibilities for cloudberries and blueberries. A little bit early for picking, but we enjoyed the walk in the evening sun. You may like it too....



You will never walk alone in the mountains during the summer. Always lots of small friends to make your company.






Within a couple of weeks the cloudberries may be ready to pick.







Best wishes from northern Norway.



hello harkar. I haven't seen you in a long time. Are you busy right now?
I'm amazed by the nature photography that you show. it's very beautiful.

yes I have been quite busy. Also travelled around in northern Norway during the summer vacation. I will make some post from the travels and hikes I have done when things settles a bit. Thank you for the interest.😊 Hope everything goes well for you too.

Long time no see!!so good to see these fantastic photos of blue sky and blue mountains!
The lake and reflection is just so cool!
Didn’t know you have nasty mosquitos too! They flew a long way from my country to there!! LoL

Oh! Leave some cloudberries for me too! I like to be in the clouds!

Godt å se at du holder koken enda!
Myggene dere har der oppe er jo på størrelsen med en boing747, galskap!
Jeg er akkurat kommer tilbake eller rettere sakt begynt her på Hive etter en lang pause fra blockchain livet.
Gleder meg til å få se resten av ferie bildene dine.

Ellers håper jeg at alt står bra til med deg og dine, og håper ikke situasjonen har påvirket dere noe særlig.

(husk å bruke Norway taggen, så er det enklere for oss andre å følge med på postene dine)

det rusler og går som du ser. sein å svare, men velkommen tilbake. vært litt lat med posting i sommer. Kanskje bedre når høstmørket kommer. glemte norway taggen i dag..

Hope you are very well!

Don’t work too hard!

You should go hiking before winter arrives!! More photos please.

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