I tried having polygel nail extension for the first time

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I've never been to a nail salon. I've never even had a simple manicure before by someone else before. I've fixed/cleaned my nails myself and color my nails with lacquer too but I rarely do it since they get peeled off pretty quick and I'm just not good at it so they look kinda messy haha.

I've been seeing some nail videos and how they design it and I just got fascinated with the process. With all the cleaning/preparation for the nails, the sculpting of the gels to the colors and accessories being applied are just pretty and satisfying. I recently just learned about polygel and gel polish too which are different from the lacquer since they are stronger and would last for weeks.

Then I found a nail salon online and booked my appointment there and went the next day.


The only pic that I have of my nails for the before photo.

I keep my nails short cos they get chapped easily as I have thin nails. So all my life I've never experienced having long nails.



The nail technician prepped my nails first by pushing back the cuticles and cutting it. Then used a nail file to smoothen it out. After that, she molded the gels and cured it under the UV light.

The one at the second photo is the gel already hardened (after curing). I couldn't take much photos cos I was having a hard time lol. After that, she also prepped the fake nails and shaped it properly. Then, she added the gel polish with the color I chose.

I also wanted some glitters and accessories so I let her add those.


The results look so cute! I really like the color and the gems. They look so pretty. XD


Since this is my first time getting these length, I immediately had a hard time doing literally anything. Haha. It was so hard to type on my phone and even harder to open the buttons of my pants. It was really a learning curve but I'm slowly getting used to it now.

It was a fun experience and I love how my nails look so neat and extra. The service cost me $24 which was actually cheaper than other salons. 10/10 will do it again. :P
(But probably not this length haha)


They were beautiful. This type of system gives stylization to the hands, they look much more beautiful than normal. Short nails look great too @hiddenblade

Indeed <3 Haha yeah maybe next time I'll have the shorter ones.

Dealing with the lenght will be the hardest part, looking at them constantly will be the best lol

True hahaha. Now I can't imagine how celebs who have way longer nails than this actually do their daily stuff. XD

I guess they have someone doing it for them, with some exceptions. I used to wear long nails back in the days when I was a teen. I like that the hand looks more elegant with them