Seeing things in a different perspective

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A work in progress. 50%

This is a piece that I've been working on for an online exhibit with my colleagues this Friday. I'm actually late now cos too many things to work on but glad they understand.

The show will be about showing a different way to exhibit/show your works. Like, it's not the traditional perfect photo of a work that's just a front angle and some details. Presenting it in a distinct way. So something like a photo of a random place with your painting/sculpture in the background, whether be it indoors or outdoors, just depends on you really.

The online show will be on Facebook. ugh I know but that's the best option for them since most of our collectors are on Facebook although I wish I have something like a Cryptovexels platform but I don't even know much about it haha so we'll stick to something familiar first.

My work is on a GIF format cos I found it cool lately. :3

But, how can they see your paintings in that photograph? That's black and white and a weird angle!

Well, that is the point. My work is mainly about seeing things in a different perspective. I personally see my paintings to be beautiful in black and white so it depends on them if they find it beautiful as well or not lol.

Well, if you think about it, that also applies in our daily lives.

One of the things that I've realized for the past years is to see something in a different perspective, and maybe you'll gain another knowledge in there, or realize something, learn something. See small things that you haven't noticed before. I think it's important for us to do it at some point in our lives.

Maybe you thought that side was ugly til you realized it's actually not and now you're facepalming yourself and wished you have seen it earlier. Can be applied to crypto as well. :p

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.”

-Dan Brown


I agree with changing perspective. It is difficult to do it while in midst of a situation, but it must be done. The rewards are worth it

Yeah. And if we apply that in our lives not just in pandemic, it basically changes us and our relationship with other people as well.

Totally! Working on refining our perspective can really make a difference

Oh that's so cool, curious to see how the end result turned out, but I believe while scrolling over your posts, I already saw another one, so let me head over there ;)

Quote is 100% true!

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.”
-Dan Brown

Payter kaayo ni nga quote dah..

GIFs are the best lol

I can't wait to see what you're cooking

I'm already upside down, fuck yeah different perspectives!

Hahaha that reminds me of that buff guy playing a guitar