#HiveChat - Your Tough Questions Answered By It's Founder, @jeanlucsr

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What's the point of #HiveChat and hanging out on Twitter? Why make the time to engage there? And what's it FOR? Isn't it just a lot of pointless noise in an already noisy digital space?

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#HiveChat is a conversation held every Tuesday, on Twitter. It's held in both English and Spanish and has seen the hashtags #hivechat and #hive leap to the top rankings in recenct weeks.

What does it mean? And why is it even a "thing" when we have this incredible blockchain and the discord dungeon (as @artemislives affectionally calls it)?

@HiveLift presented some QUESTIONS to @jeanlucsr - the Founder of #HiveChat and presents those unedited answers here for your consideration.

Q1. Why are we spending our time on twitter when we have Hive? Isn't OnChain better & more important?

We need to get the word out. On chain, we only have the people we know. On Twitter, we have more people with similar interests whom might not have heard of Hive yet, but could be interested to join in.

On chain however is definitely more important. We shouldn't post and interact solely on Twitter and not on Hive itself. If you have a click with someone on Twitter, please also connect on Hive and engage there as well.

Q2. What is HiveChat trying to achieve?

HiveChat is trying to achieve 3 things.

  1. To give the Hive community a better understanding on how Hive works. Questions and the answers to those questions should help the Hive community better understand how the platform works.
  2. To create on interactive chat where people can meet others. Since the start of HiveChat, many of us have seen a growth in interaction, both on Twitter and on Hive. Both Twitter and Hive can be difficult spaces for newcomers, as they have a hard time getting engagement on their Tweets/Hive Posts. #HiveChat helps built the interaction.
  3. Get Hive noticed. The is a lot of chatter on Twitter about Hive already, this happens during different time periods during the day. As #HiveChat happens at a specific time, the density of the tweets helps the chances that Hive gets exposure during that timeframe, which give us a better chance to get noticed in the Twitter algorithm. So far HiveChat has trended twice in Venezuela. Hopefully we'll get to opportunity to trend worldwide as well.

Q3. What's involved and what if I don't have many followers on twitter? Is it worth me showing up?

It's always worth showing up, because you get to learn things you don't know and meet people you haven't met. All you need to do is follow the hashtag during that one hour period. Especially if you don't have a big following, it is a great way to interact and get more followers.

Q4. What happens to all this "stuff" that gets tweeted at HiveChat? Is anyone listening? Does it change anything?

As the HiveChat is fully decentralized (every week there is a new host), the hosts get to decide what is done with the data, the tweets and information.
So far data has shown that at peak 750-800 Tweets go out during a one hour Hivechat. There is a lot of data there and basically, everyone is free to use it.

There are hosts that derived Hivechat questions from Hive posts and others the wrote Hive posts based on Tweets of the Hivechat

Q5. Is it OK to just lurk and watch for a week or two?

Totally ok. No one needs to participate. It's your choice. You can just like Tweets and follow new people the first time you join in. Or just join in on answering one of the 5 questions asked by the host during the Hivechat

Maybe important to add that even if you can't make the specific #HiveChat time, it's STILL a great thing to go in and look at the dialogue around the #HiveChat questions and add your opinions. Retweeting with comments? Helps everyone gain a slightly bigger toehold in the digital space.

So, what questions would YOU like to add about #HiveChat? Please have at it in the comments section of this post!

You'd like to attend-engage but are actually not sure HOW? We thought of that already: simple instructions in this post:

#HiveChat - A Simple How-To for First Timers

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HiveChat Every Tuesday in English.

Every Thursday in Spanish.

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Such an important post, and important points, @hivelift and @jeanlucsr - especially about the learning (for us all) and the lurking...I've learned a lot from lurking... 😄

Have you been approached to host already? 😊
Lurkers make the best hosts 😂

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Hahaha! Yes, and I politely declined...for the time being...

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Hahaha... well. When that time being runs out, the invite will be on your footsteps again.

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It's a deal! 😊

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Thanks for writing this, as i think it addresses some people's questions.
Here's the updated schedule for September. @the-bitcoin-dood has replaced the host for Sept. 29:

I heard that there is kind of a shadowban on Twitter for Hive-tags - how can we deal with that?

We add the post link in the first comment of the twitter post and use an image or short video, instead of the post link. Have a look at the way I have dealt with this post on my HiveLift twitter account.


Shadow bans also happen to tags which are abused, as the #Hive tag was in the last few weeks. Prudent and judicious use of tags helps us all. Spamming the Hive word stupidly and irrelevantly HURTS us all.

I suspect this issue affects people who spam the #Hive tag, but I don't know. Personally, I have had no issues with this, and I think it's because the algorithm detects any behavior that is repetitive.
When people just say "Go #Hive" over and over again, without really adding any other topics, the algorithm knows this. If we change our behaviors to more "normal human communication", i doubt that this will be a problem.
If people ignore it, and continue to spam #Hive tag, i suspect there will continue to be issues.
This is just my opinion, but based on my own experiences tweeting stuff on two accounts: @hivepeople and @stellabelle.

We currently aren't sure if it is the tags, the links, automated tweets, cryptorelated websites or just retweets with links in general.

#hivechat tweets themselves have experienced little to no shadow bans so far. So it remains largely.unaffected.

As for the tags that don't show, we haven't found a clear answer. We do know that some community members has been partially blocked because of freedom of speech issues as well. But that's a whole different story.

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