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RE: G-dog gets propositioned

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Remember, its Ferrari, not ferrero. One is chocolate, the other is cars.

Good luck on this endeavour. :) Hope it does well for you. If they need corporate head shots for the new gig and digs, let me know ;)


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Remember, its Ferrari, not ferrero

Thanks, I would have turned up at the wrong place.

I will, might break your camera lens but that's a perfect excuse to buy a new one. :)


So long as the job pays ;) Good luck tomorrow, seriously. Just don't end up going out there and getting your self a pair of new wheels. That would be counter intuitive.

Lol...yeah I wondered if I would come home with a new car...Probably, maybe not. But maybe yes. 😂

Do you come with the car?


Lol...I'd not buy a Ferrari even if I had the money. It's not my style...But if they're giving me one I'd take it.

Just don't test drive one then take it for a crash over the median. :D

I'll be honest, anything can happen. Lol.

I drove a F430 Spider in Modena, Italy (where they're made) and it was spectacular, I'll be honest. Exactly what you'd expect it to drive like. That got it out of my system...Give me a 4x4 pick up truck any day...Although if they suggest I take one for a spin...Watch the 6pm news man...Trust me! Lol.