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I find the work you do really amazing, I admire a lot of communities that you actually support like HiveGaming and MakeUpPower, the second one is just mindblowing, I really love it, even I always talk to people to teach them how to use properly the communities because I think that the content segmentation was a brilliant idea to reach the audience that really want to consume our content, that give our content more visibility, not everyone understand that, but we can change that fact.

I would like to nominate myself for the OCD curation work because I've always loved curating content, I have almost 2 years of experience curating content, I was part of the curation team of @helpie on the Steem platform, I applied to be a curator for @curie and received a year's training and remained active as a curator for projects like @la-colmena and @c-squared focused on Spanish content because of the need that arose to create segmented teams but I'm bilingual, I can handle global curation.

Currently I'm still active as a curator for @la-colmena and I usually do sporadic curations using Twitter; I'm not "exceptionally active" in curation because of course I'm also a content creator and I run a community, however, currently my time is a hundred percent dedicated to the HIVE platform so I feel that I can dedicate myself to do the work in the most objective and organic way possible.

I would like to receive information about requirements to become a curator for @ocd and apply for the task.

Than you so much for this opportunity and I hope to be considered even for a second talk about this.


I support this nomination.

For the last few months, @ilazramusic has shared with me amazing posts. He has a great eye to spot great content, not only for music posts but in general. I believe he will be a great asset as an @ocd curator.

Apoyo tu propuesta eres un usuario activo y un ejemplo. Te deseo muchos éxitos

I have seen Ilaz @ilazramusic on the platform for 2 years, although I didn't know him, his name was always linked to initiatives, promotions and content curation.

Now I know him a little better and I think he would be an excellent curator for OCD. I hope he gets a chance to show his skills.

I support Ilaz in his application for curatorship, I have known him for a long time on the platform and we share in the Discord de @Votovzla, I am sure he would do an honest and objective job in curating good content. Successes Ilaz! 🤗