Hi, Ireen 😍 Wow you already back in HCMC!!
You came back right on time, lucky girl! :)
Unfortunately, we decided to leave Vietnam soon 😭😭😭
Too sad that we're on almost lockdown again.
I hope we can have a meetup either in Saigon or KL one day!

You’re leaving permanently ? Where are you off to ?
Yes I’m quite lucky to be back just the right time but I’ve still got to complete 21 days quarantine

Oh no....! Well, it's on lockdown so you're not missing out on anything while you're on quarantine! Actually it might be the best time to do that hehe. I hope the lockdown ends when you come out of quarantine tho. Yes, sadly I'm leaving permanently 😭 Our plan keeps changing because of Covid, but when it gets solid I'll definitely tell you where we off to!! Good luck with your quarantine Ireen!