Is Life Almost Back to Normal? Plus a Warhammer Battle Report!

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Smoke levels are still obnoxiously high, but visibility now exceeds a mile, and breathing outside no longer results in feeling choked on stale smoke right away. In library life, we may also be emerging from the COVID-19 summer slump. Our circulation numbers are recovering nicely, especially when so many people are using the library for homeschool support. It's been a while since the alcoholic family member last relapsed, and while I can't shake the feeling that it isn't over yet, there seems to be some hope.

Things may not be good, but I'll take less bad.


In other news, I managed to win a Warhammer 40,000 battle last night. In a 50 Power Level match, my squad of Necrons faced a Tyrannid army built around a Neurothrope and its Zoanthrope retinue backed up by some Ripper Swarms and a Carnifex.

I started out by losing my trio of Skorpekh Destroyers before they could get into assault position, but I managed to regain control over the tempo of the battle with some careful maneuvering of my big scarab swarm and warriors to tie up the Zoanthropes and Neurothrope so my Skorpekh Lord could shred things.

The Skorpekh Lord was by far the most effective part of my army. He killed the Ripper Swarms in turn 2, failed his charge against the Nids in turn 3, but finished off the Neurothrope in turn 4 and then survived the counterattack by the Carnifex and promptly killed it off, too. Alas, he was slain at the end of turn 5 by a lucky Smite roll from the surviving Zoanthropes, but I won by a solid margin.

Now, it's time to go play Dungeons & Dragons. We shall see whether we finally meet the vampire Strahd tonight...

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Less bad is still good XD

I need to get to the library down the road actually, I don't think I've been since "self isolation" happened here and we've been mostly back to normal for quite a while now.

Let's see if this works...


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are you doing the library stuff all online still? or back in person now?

Our library is open to the public, but all in-person programs have been cancelled. I am trying to figure out how to promote NaNoWriMo online via Facebook, and I have been making grab-and-go craft kits for adults to take home in place of my usual monthly craft days in the meeting room. I have a hunch we'll go back to curbside this flu season. I don't like it, but people in administration are governed by fear, and prefer overreaction to basic precaution. At least, that's how I see it.