A Glorious day, Lockdown was lightened and the beach opened!

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A Glorious day, Lockdown was lightened and the beach opened!

Few times in my life have I felt complete bliss being somewhere, however today was one of those times. It started much the same way as every other day for the last 30 days in quarantine. However today the quarantine was lightened a bit.

I went out for an evening bike ride, I took a few photos but then noticed that a beach that was blocked off the last 30 days was unblocked. Apprehensively I drove down the long pathway to the sand where there was no security guards telling people to go home.

Taking off my sandals I stepped in to the sand that squeaked like snow does on a cold morning however gentle and warm. the sun was starting to set and I walked across the beach to the ocean's edge, when the waves washed up over my feet… Bliss came upon me.

There on the beach, with ocean waves splashing over my toes, gentle tropical air blowing in, the smell of salt air, it was quite delightful. I forced myself to turn back around and leave after what seemed like forever. It was a good day... I hope tomorrow is the same.

Here are some photos. Enjoy!

This was my sunset drive that I thought was going to be like the others.


I took some photos of the hills in the distance as people motorbike past


Trying to find the beauty in the power lines.


Then the beach was open

I wandered out into its waves

The water was majestic

It was raining off in the distance with thunderstorms but where I stood, only a gentle breeze.


So sad to have to walk off the beach


I did sit on the boardwalk as the night set in

I hope you had a great day as well my friends!




Travel Photos:@RoamingSparrow
Instagram:IG - @RoamingSparrow
Photo Repository:Roamingsparrow.SmugMug.com


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Wait... The beach is open? Were people in the water?

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hey friend, Yes. The officers did not stop me I walked around people were splashing in the water sand was squishing beneath my toes I was in heaven. I was not prepared to go swimming however... but I will be next time.

I don't recall fighting you on holybread game LOL

My army comes from out the shadows and attacks when you don't know... We are Deep in the night -The Rye ninja bread that turns your eyesight red, the Pump action pumpernickel street Thugs that spray your house with sesame shells when you are in bed, we are your endlessly enemies to bring you to your knees, you are only a little pita, so you better start running like a cheetah, to late... We are the Demon Focaccia that gotcha, you wanna escape but are now wrapped up in a Crêpe. ;)

that was deep! !BEER

wow, such an amazing photography you have taken all are really very great.

Thank you for the kind words @bhattg , It is like gasoline in the engine of creativity. :D

Ha haa that is so nice of you.⁦✌️⁩🙏

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