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RE: The OCD community

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I will be totally honest, I would like to apply for the healing project, my experience in hive is one of the most careful in terms of knowing who I see, follow the track and verify that nothing of what I have been doing is wrong, there are many who support people who do things wrong, even there are times that simply have voted posts wrong.

I like to see a community in which there is a lot of activity and that is attractive, the same that calls your attention to help without hesitation. Maybe I won't be the first one to say it, nor will I be the person who has had more interaction with others, but I'm sure of one thing and that is that no matter what I'll have for sure: a well presented post, with a lot of effort and originality will be rewarded as it should be and that with all the respect, everyone knows what they have to do to keep the platform and improve it without a doubt.


What is the healing project?

Hi! I wanted to say Curation. It was a problem with the translator I used to make the comment, plus a bit of nerves when doing it.
For me, highlighting a person's content should be for the value of it, if that's what i'm going for! Thank you for reviewing my comment.