Geurutee mountain peak tour

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Geurutee Peak is an area located in Aceh, this place is often used as a stopover for motorists because it offers the natural beauty of the sea and islands.

Aceh Jaya Regency has extraordinary natural wealth, so many tourist attractions in this area showcase the charm of the Creator's work. Despite the tsunami, the panorama of natural beauty in the district is always interesting to visit. One of them is Puncak Geurutee which is never empty by local and foreign tourists.

The peak of Geurutee is the peak of the same mountain name. Geurutee Mountain is an area that is crossed by national roads so it is not too difficult to find the location of this tourist spot. This place is also a favorite area for motorists who want to relax while enjoying the beauty of the island and the sea from the summit.


Administratively, this tourist spot is located on the border between Aceh Jaya Regency and Aceh Besar Regency. To reach the Geurutee Peak, tourists must at least cover a distance of about 75 kilometers or cover a distance of 1.5 hours.

The condition of the road to this tourist spot has been paved very well, making it easier for tourists to travel. However, when entering the area of ​​Mount Geurutee drivers must be extra careful because the road is winding, and there are many bends and steep slopes.

Roads in the area of ​​Mount Geurutee are also quite extreme, because on the side of the road directly facing the cliffs and cliffs that are prone to landslides when it rains. Tourists are not advised to visit when it rains, because it can endanger the safety of the soul. This area is also part of the Ulu Masen Forest which is the lungs of the world in Aceh.

The location of the Geurutee Peak is directly facing the Indian Ocean so that from this place tourists can immediately see the vast expanse of blue ocean, as well as small clusters of islands that appear green from a distance. Also seen are the white sand beaches that surround these exotic islands.

Because the Puncak Geurutee area is traversed by national roads, many motorists who pass this road stop by to take the time to enjoy the natural beauty that the area has to offer. Many stalls and cafes are found that sell a variety of foods and drinks at a fairly cheap price.


These stalls and cafes are designed in such a way as to allow tourists to enjoy culinary offerings while looking at the stretch of sea, small islands and nearby beaches. Cold air, and the wind that blows from the sea will be more enjoyable when drinking a cup of Aceh coffee or young coconut.

Various culinary delights can also be easily found around the Peak of Geurutee, tourists can choose various seafood preparations, culinary specialties of Aceh, and also noodles which are tourists' favorite culinary. It would be very nice to relax seeing the beauty of the natural panorama accompanied by delicious culinary delights.

In certain seasons, tourists can also find sellers that spill on the left and right side of the road. The Mount Geurutee area does have durian plantations, so when harvesting many durians will be sold at cheap prices. For durian fans, they will surely be satisfied with Aceh's unique and delicious durian.

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Aceh, Juni 04-2020


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