jhayang join Hive☺️

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Hi Good day hivers!
I just want to introduce myself since I am new in this platform. So this is me.


My username is jhayang because that is my nickname.
I have three siblings and I am the youngest. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education at Southern Leyte State University last May 2019. And I took and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers the same year.



After I pass the Licensure Examination, I work as a call center agent in First Innovate Solutions Company for 6 months only because the company got bankrupt. But it was a blessing in disguise to our family because my grandmother got sick and bedridden. So I was the one who took care of her until now. At first it was really a struggle to me. Because my grandmother can't accept the fact that she is now bedridden. It was all new to her that she can't walk and also she can't see things. For two years my routines everyday is wake up early in the morning to feed my grandmother, change her diaper, change her clothes, change her bedsheet and wash the dishes and clothes. In the afternoon, I feed her lunch after three hours snack for afternoon nap. In the evening,I feed her dinner after that change her diaper. For two years got used to it but sometimes I would feel envious to my batch mates who already have a work and earn money while myself stock in the house. But despite of all challenges financial, physical and emotional I have encountered I will always pray to God that no matter what it is I have faith in him.



As of now I am serving as lector and cantor in our church. And a small business which is selling street foods and "kakanins".



My hobbies are cooking, singing and dancing. Ever since I was a kid I really love singing and dancing. And when I was in my teenage years my mom will always tell me that I should learn to cook because I am a girl. For then on that I learned to cook I started loving it.

This platform is introduced to me by my college classmate ate @zbabe. I am really thankful to this girl because she always share what she is doing that we can earn. Thank you ate flor😘.


That's all for today. See you on my next post😉


Hello @jhayang welcome to the platform surely you will enjoy the journey in here. Looking forward for your future endeavours 🥰

Thank you po😊

Welcome to hive jhayang. You have officially started your blogging journey on this platform and I hope you have fun doing it. Cheers 🥂

Thank you. I will surely enjoy doing it.😊

Hey @jhayang Welcome to Hive Ecosystem. Really Nice to meet ya and Looking forward to see you hiving in here.

Enjoy your time and stay, feel free to ask anything.

P.s: you should use these tags as well, #introducemyself #Introduction and General tags such as #proofofbrain #vyb #neoxian etc.

Wish you best of luck 🤞.

Hello @jhayang, welcome sa hive ☺️

Welcome po sa Hive
Ako po ay taga Batangas.

Welcome jhayang!
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Welcome to Hive @jhayang!
Surely you will meet new friends here, myself included, and you'll have fun here.
You're such a kind granddaughter. Blessings will really come to you for sure!
Looking forward to your growth here in Hive.
If you have questions, @zbabe is always there for you, but also remember that we're here for you in HivePH. You can ask us anything!
Enjoy! and Good luck!

Hello! Welcome to Hive! Wow, that kakanin looks delish!
~Ahh, I wish I have a talent like yours. I'm not good in singing and dancing. 😆

Enjoy your stay here! 😊

Team kain tayo, di ba jiji 🤣🤣🤣

Kain at tulog, sapat na hahahah. Apir!


Yaayy apir haha kasi may pa pizza 🤣


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Kalami s aube turon oy😍
Anyway ,welcome sa hive ,for sure mag enjoy ka dere😊

Hello, jhayang! Welcome to Hive!

Welcome to hive sis!! I hope you will enjoy it in here and make lots of friends too.

Hello! Welcome to Hive, Jhayang. You seem like a compassionate and talented person. I hope you flourish and succeed! 💝🧁👋

Welcome to hive @jhayang This is @macchiata from the @OCD team bringing you some helpful tips navigating hive.

If you have time, You can read some of the communities in this post that you may like : OCD Communities Incubation Program and for all hive communities you can check https://peakd.com/communities

For tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: newbie guide.

The important thing is Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog. You can't include content that you don't own without sources. For more information, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise. If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Hello Jayyyyy, nice to see you here. Let's both grow and earn in this platform hahaha

Wow Sarap Ng kakanin... Welcome po sa Hive community.