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RE: grand opening giveaway - custom-designed Hive gear & apparel for Hivians!

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Hey, this is a beautiful shop, I wish you the very best :)
I wish to ask if you ship to Greece and also if this is for women

I love the giveaway idea!

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Thank you for the kind words!

We do ship to Greece, definitely - we'll ship pretty much anywhere in the world (even if we have to pack it on horseback or camels to deliver it 🤣).

Also, great question in regards to fit - all apparel designed is "unisex", so the hive tanks will work out great for women and men.

Let me know if you have any more questions or need help!

Great! I will check out how an order is made a little bit later (Maybe Monday)
Just a note, the discount is only applied for orders over 25$
Also, you have an Instagram account, but you have not added at the website
If you are thinking of creating also a Facebook page, you can add 'shop' via the page and also connect it to Instagram :)

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Thank you for pointing these few things out - I've gone ahead and fixed the coupon error!

Also, I'll have to show some love to our Instagram today 😁