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I think there are a couple of ways one can find happiness in life. The easiest one is to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Spending time with people you care about makes you value life. It makes you more satisfied. And certainly happier.

Other than that, achieving goals definitely makes people happy. These goals can be money, losing weight, completing your studies, or getting recognized for your work.

If you are appreciated for your work, for the efforts you have done, you feel happy.

On hive, I think most people feel happy when they get a big upvote on their posts. Getting a 10$ upvote makes their day.

For me, I know that unless I am making that much amount daily, it doesn't matter much. Because one day, I will cash that amount and spend it. I might not even remember on which post I have got that upvote.

But when people care about you, your stories, your content. That certainly makes me feel happy.

For example, a recent comment of mine got a lot of engagement. Many people replied. Shared their own stories, and their feeling about their fears etc.

When you connect with other people, especially the unknown ones on the internet, it definitely makes your day. When people care about your stories, it makes you happy.

Till now, I thought there were mostly two ways I could be happier in my life. By doing something valuable. Doing some meaningful work in my life.

But you can not just start doing something meaningful. You start doing things. And when you are doing it for years, you find ways to make it meaningful.

The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.

And then there was achieving goals. On hive, I thought achieving a goal of 25k hive power, or more will make me happy.

The thing about goals is that it's not in your hands. You can try to do everything right, and still miss to achieve your goals. I am posting daily, but if I don't get upvotes, if people don't like my content, I will miss my goals.

As Bruce Lee said, " A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves something to aim at."

So, a goal give me something to aim at. Having a goal of reaching 25k hp, is something that gives me a purpose to post daily on this platform.

The overall goal of life is to find happiness in process and not in the end result. Because end result is just a moment. Process is what consumes most of the time.

Happiness is all about present moment. If I relate it with reaching a goal, it will be connected with that moment only. It will come with the moment I reach my goals and go away after that. Till I reach the next goal.

The key is to be mindful of the process. Not just the end goal. When you are eating an ice cream, after having the first spoon, you would be happy. But you would not be satisfied. You want more.

When you have finished your ice cream, you will be satisfied. You would enjoy the whole time you were eating the ice cream.

So, life is something like that. When we reach our goals, we might be more satisfied, but when we are working to achieve them, it should make us happy.

Happiness should never be goal dependent. It should be process dependent.

Real living is living for others

Bruce Lee spent a big part of his life mastering his martial art skills. But in doing so, he inspired millions of people worldwide. He was an incrdible martial artist. But he will be remembered for inspiring others through his discipline, practise and ability to dream big, chase those dreams and then achieve them.

That's why most people in this world value giving more than receiving. What you give something to others, you get happy with their happiness. That's why it feels good to feed the hungry, and giving money to the poor.

Similarly, on hive, getting upvotes might make you happy, but when you make an effort to comment on others post, on others stories, it will make them and you happier.

Otherwise, it will be nothing more than trading your time for some money. A couple of cents.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. — Bruce Lee.


I totally agree with you! :) :)


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I love to live a goal-less life ...I believe total freedom brings ultimate happiness :)

You are right😃