Treating Challenges As A Fuel For Growth

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Half of the world is living under the condition of hand to mouth. They will run out of money, food, and rent, if they don't work for one month.

Life is not an easy path. To go through it, you need to be strong emotionally.

You will always be juggling between your career, money, and relationships.

Being strong emotionally is one of the greatest asset. It will help you build incredible relationship with people. It will help you achieve extraordinary things in your career.

I was always burndened with my weak emotions. Never truly understanding my fears and always getting depressed at every small problem.

Facing your fears might not be an easy task, but they are usually not as big as you project them. Not everything will turn out to be the worst case scenario.

I took it as a challenge to build myself strong emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to step into the arena

In the old times, people used to fight with each other. Anyone who wanted to settle a score, had to step into the arena and fight.

They had to win the fight for their freedom, for money, and for fame.

If someone wanted money, a claim over a piece of land, or revenge for a loved one, they had to sort it out through fighting.

Today, people don't have to step into the arena physically, but mentally.

They have to fight with their emotions. Battle with rejection, failure and challenges.

You step into the arena everytime you chose to do something. You try to get a job, it is you stepping into the arena. If you get selected for the job, you win the fight, if you don't, someone else wins.

Similarly, when you post on hive, you step into the arena.

If you want to make some money, you have put up a good fight through your content. If not, you will lose and waste your efforts.

Everything you do, everything you try, you risk yourself being a failure. There is nothing safe.

By embracing rejection, you give yourself a fair shot at trying something new.

And if you are too scared to fight for what you want. If you are scared to lose, because you have to bet bigger. Just ask yourself, "Can you succeed without failing?" No. Not unless mediocrity fulfils you.

If you want something big in your life, you need to embrace failures, time and again.

It is impossible to have lived without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all — in which case you fail by default. — J.K Rowling

Accepting your failures is okay. But failures won't help you grow. Challenges will.

A challenge fuels your growth

In the olden times, you had to challenge yourself physically. You need to be physically tough for your survival.

People used to fight in wars, grow crops, and do hard work in the fields. Everyone used to walk for hours. Not for leisure activity, but to commute from one place to another.

Basically, most tasks required physical labour. People won't survive if they were not tough physically.

However, things have changed now. If you can't do hard work physically, it doesn't matter anymore. Nobody would even care.

You can make millions without leaving your house. In the modern time, you need to be mentally and emotionally tough to survive. And to grow mental toughness, you need to challenge yourself.

Whatever you do, be it coding, writing, selling, advertising, you have to think smartly. You have to be smarter than others so that you get the job. And you need to be mentally tough so that you can survive the job.

When someone wanted to grow in the olden times, they had to challenge their leader, who was usually the strongest man among them. They had to fight. And the one who wins, would become their leader.

The leader would decide what would happen next. Where to hunt. When to fight. And how to survive.

Today, you have to fight with your mental beliefs. And if you win, you will become an extraordinary human being. You will be able to decide the trajectory of your life. You will channelise the growth of your life.

In order to do so, you have to challenge your strongest beliefs. You have to try something that you considered impossible. And when you do it, you win a challenge. It will make you grow exponentially. When you lose, you learn a lesson. So, in both cases, you will eventually grow.

Challenges are used to step up the ladder.

Whatever life throws at you, instead of just coping it, pick it up as a challenge. Use it as a fuel to grow. Consider every problem as an opportunity. Consider every setback as a lesson learned.

Obstacle is the way. Problems are opportunities.

Focus on learning when life throw punches at you. Learn how to dodge those punches in the future.

Because if you keep getting hit with those punches, you will be on your back someday. Ready to tap. To give up entirely.

It doesn't have to be a major punch. It doesn't have to be a major setback. You would be beaten enough that you will give up at any moment. At even the lightest punch.

If you get stressed, use your problem as a way to practise ignorance, non-reactivity. When you fail at something, you can use it as a chance to learn valuable lessons.

Every situation is an opportunity to grow. Especially, the challenging ones.

So, instead of just coping with challenges, use them as a tool for your growth. Embrace them. Enjoy them. Feed on them.

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path. — Zen Proverb


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