You Have Two Choices: One Leads To Misery And The Other Leads To Happiness

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We spend most of our life trying to make more money. But what is the point if we are not happy with that money?

Imagine two different life scenarios.

In one life, you wake up everyday thankful to the world. You enjoy every moment of what you do. And sleep with some satisfaction that you have added some value in this world. You have done some valuable work for others.

The other life is completely different. In other life, you hate to wake up because you are frustrated with your life. You hate what you do. You don't want the alarm to go off. You don't want to spend another day doing something you hate.

If you focus on money, you will spend your life doing things you don't like.

Work is a major part of your life. You spend more than 50% of your life on either doing your work or thinking about it.

But if your work makes you feel miserable, you are living a life of suffering. And you shouldn't live such a life. At least not by choice.

Like I spent two years trading bitcoin.

Although, I took heavy losses in the first 8 months, and got liquidated 4-5 times. I was able to double my initial trading capital with some luck and after learning some basic rules of trading.

I made good returns most of the time. I wasn't the best trader, but I was profitable for a long time.

However, my health was ruined. My schedule was ruined. I was spending whole night being awake watching 15 min candles like a hawk, to catch a move( I was usually scalping on 15 min candles).

I felt miserable most of the times. Always irritated that my life sucks, even if I made some money. Then I realised, that I don't want this kind of lifestyle. The life of uncertainity. The life where I spend 15 days to make money, only to lose it all on the 16th day.

And like me, a lot of people spend their whole life being miserable, just to make a living.

Like my dad. He was a cop. But he hated being a cop. Never liked to do anything else except farming. He always wanted to be a farmer, and spend a simple life in a village. But we didn't had enough land to feed our family from farming. So, he looked for other employment opportunities. And to support our family, he somehow became a cop. Spent all his life in a job he didn't like. Felt miserable most of the time. He felt that he was't valued as a person.

So, when he retired, he started farming again. And at last found happiness in his work.

Maybe I would have done something similar. Spending my life doing things I don't like, to make a living. But somehow, I discovered crypto and then books while writing on steemit. Books gave me the ability to know what I truly want.( Even though I can't describe it specifically, I have a vague idea about my life goals.)

You can not master something you hate to do. You can only develop world class skills in something you truly enjoy to do. You spend hours after hours doing it daily. Love it. And that's how you become best in a field.

Only something like that can make you rich some day. It doesn't mean you will definitely become rich. But you have pretty good chance of ending up rich one day. Your chances to become rich increases.

So, now I spend most of my time writing, reading and learning web development.

My primary goals as of now doesn't contain money. Because I know, if you want to make a living out of things of your choice, it will take patience. A lot of patience.

Also, it's fun to write my thoughts, share them with people. And sometimes, make a couple of dollars out of it.

I know some day, all these things will pay some bills, then half the bills, and then there will be more than enough money. I truly believe it.

You have to like the work you do. Wait till you have extraodrinary skills and then look for money. Trying to make a quick buck is always short sighted. Because thoughts of money divides your attention on your craft. It makes you impatient. It weakens your imagination and creativity.

For example, posts related to hive gets the highest engagement, and most upvotes. But writing a post everyday related to hive is boring. Even if you make money(Maybe not for some people, but definitely for me.)

Always focus on what you want in your life

Even if you know that you have zero chance of living the life you want, still focus on the type of life you want to live.

If you focus on it enough, for long enough, your mind will figure out a way to make it possible. But if you don't even think about what you want, you are never going to achieve it.

There are billions of people in the world. And only a few needs to be interested in what you have to offer. And that's it. You can make a living out of something you love.

You don't need everyone to like what you do. It's okay even if a majority of people hate your work, or think that you suck at your craft.

For example, to make a living on writing, you only need a handful of people, who support you on your journey. Not 1 billion, not 1 million, not even 1,00,000. Just thousand or so. It's possible. It's easy. Focus on it.

Whenever you focus on money instead, you will deviate from your path. You will spend more time on imagining things that may make you some money, instead of developing the skills that will make you enough money some day.

So, do your work with complete devotion. Focus on improvement, growth. Focus on what you want. And what you can offer in return. And one day, you will build something incredible.