The first rule of fight club is that you don't talk about fight club.....I hate rules.

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The poison dwarf continues to down voting every single post that I make - and every upvoted comment, that I receive.

I think it must be three months now, or more, even....

There is nothing I can do about it due to the flaw in the system we have going on here (and steem before this).

Now, personally, I think that the poison dwarf account is run by someone who dares not to show himself.
One who is butt hurt by moi...(erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of this butt hurt...)
I.E. A needle dicked individual, an intellectual coward, and one who drinks waaaaaay too much soy. (he probably has pink running shoes as well, to show just how woke he is.)

It seems to me, in this sycophantic world that is hive, that 'the middle class mindset crowd' need to do something about this situation.

I am powerless - but they are not. (or so I thought... read on...)

Their cosy circle jerking has accrued some quite tidy hive sums...
Here's the thing about the 'the middle class mindset' (TMCM) clique - their single minded selfishness.

They are as predictable as the sun rise, once you understand the mindset.
Beneath their virtue signalling ambivalence to anything important in the world, runs a cold,unblinking eye. And it looks on at their bank balance.
Always and above everything else. (think the eye of Sauron, in the LOTR, and you get the idea)
They pretend not to be like that, of course.
Charity gigs are one of their favorite wild nights out after all.

A Great White Shark and it's appetite, has nothing on these people, not when it comes to total focus on accruing more dosh!

They think that it's the answer. The one that will silence their deep, constant fears and insecurities in life.
Yes, they do, seriously.
This is the reason why they can't afford to think too much about the 'real' things in life.

Anyways... back to fight club and hating rules...(and the fun of using TMCM).

Because there is zilch I can do about needle dick's malicious behavior, and because negative shit rolls downhill, I might just 'take it outside' and talk about fight club...

Now, if I was a big account - or know who the poison dwarf is (I'll guarantee he's short. Small man syndrome and all that), then I would be having a quiet word with them.

I have always been critical of the DPOS system, that's no secret.
I see no difference - on a day to day, user experience basis - as the steem ecosystem that we all left.
I see no difference in petty actions tha tonly hurt this place.


I will be opening a separate twitter account, if this shit doesn't stop. And very soon.

I'll be taking this fight 'outside of fight club', and posting every time that I receive a down vote by the poison dwarf.

This BS is not good behavior for the HIVE ecosystem as a whole.

As a man once said..
zzzz.jpg in that vein, and being powerless to do anything here, I will talk about fight club - but outside of here, and into the wider world.

The twatterverse.

I'm not butt hurt, nor am I affected by the monetary penalties.
(thanks to everyone who's been supporting me , btw - some of which, I'm sure, is to counter the down voting by the poison dwarf).

Here's the thing though...
This kind of behavior is stereotypical of the 'behind the scenes' maneuvering favored so much, by those who are of TMCM crew.
Conflict averse, but forever snide in there behavior.
They looooooooooooooooooooooove passive aggressive! lolol. know, report someone to the authorities, but never confront a situation their selves - that kind of mindset.

They think that this is being clever. Honestly, they really do.

Now, I'm fairly certain that the person behind the account is part of the 'TMCM crew' (not that 'they' would ever admit to it).
I have a pretty good inkling as to who it is in fact.
(statement analysis can be an invaluable tool).

I also know that money IS their god, and that their religion IS greed.

I also know that by using twitter to highlight this malicious, petty, pathetic type of behavior, would be no good for the long term direction of hive - and more importantly for TMCM crew - the price of hive.

llll  Copy  Copy 3  Copy.jpg

So, fucker - what's it to be?

Are you gonna put on yer pink running shoes and fuck off with needle dick actions? Or are you gonna carry on, and have this behavior documented off hive and directly into the twatter verse?

All the crypto tags and crypto news tags that I can find and spread it on?
There is no better way to have my opinion count.
Leverage my position, as they say in word salad land.
(people that know me on here, also know the passion I can put into things. Untiring energy and tenacity).

I'll give it seven days.
That's about as long as it takes for the TMCM brain to work simple shit out like this.
...get yer discord politicking into gear you big stakeholders , and sort this shit out.

Imagine... having 200K hive at 20 cents, and it drops 0.01 cent because of bad press.
200k at the current price 0.219 cents is $43,800. At 0.209 cents, it's $41,800.
A $2,500 difference to the value...

Kinda makes his pathetic down voting system - and it's potentially damaging long term affects, seem really stupid, doesn't it? (when framed it like this).

I want hive to work, but this kind of negative , petty, behavior - will always hold it back.

This is the best way I can think of to change the culture,and will also get needle dick to grow up!
This is the best way I can think highlight one of the fundamental flaws in hive.

Losing money really hurts these small brained creatures.

Never forget...
Small hive stakeholders are needed by the larger ones, much more than the other way around.
Don't be fooled into small minded 'serf think', by anothers stake size.

The beauty of the block chain - irrelevant of stake - is that your voice is just as loud as anyone else's on here.

Use it.

Rules? What fucking rules?


This is fight club, is it not?


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand downvoted by needle dick already!

It's normally every few days. Wow - must have hit a nerve....

I guess his wife ain't gonna very happy with all that dysfunction going on...

Truly, truly, pathetic.