Photo walk with RJ! In the OLDEST STREET in Philippines.

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Hey guys! before we start, I just wanna share that I have been receiving a lot of good engagements on my previous blog, and I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support. It has been a roller coaster ride and I hope you guys still come ride with me.
IMG_7749.PNG Source:

Since I'm in a good mood right now, I will be showing you guys my favorite spot whenever I go on photo walks and this place happens to be the OLDEST STREET in the Philippines.

IMG_7790.JPG Source: Max Limpag via

Colon Street was constructed by the Spaniards who arrived in Cebu in 1565 on the squadron comprised of different ships, namely: San Pedro, San Pablo and San Juan under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Colon Street will be turning 458 years old this coming year 2023. Deeeym! that's pretty old.

Colon Street is also known for being the center of trade and commerce back in the day. In today's modern time, Colon Street still manages to keep up. You can still find dress shops, ukay-ukays, malls, food markets, offices and a whole other things. basically, Colon street is like a vintage version of New York City. Colon is also a city that never sleeps

fun fact about me: I studied college in the Univeristy of San Jose-Recoletos which happens to be in the center of Colon street. Those were the days that I go on walks and take pictures after school.


I love taking pictures here because every corner of the street has different stories that are just waiting to be captured. I don't restrict myself when it comes to the method of photography. Life is too short to be serious, so everytime I visit this place, I always make sure to have fun and take pictures freely.

A kid holding a cup with a dead fish inside. oops

Random shots when I went thrifting.

I brought my younger sister in one of my walks. So happy to say that she had fun. She even told me that she will go on photo walks by the time she's old enough.

Random shots when we went to see abandoned buildings

Random shots when I was looking for street foods

IMG_7771.JPG Photo I took of my friends in college. Circa 2018

IMG_7769 (1).JPG

Photo of my mom when we went to the market

In the aspect of my photo walk journey, Colon Street has become my "comfort place" and ironically, in the hustle and bustle of Colon, I somehow found peace in there. I truly can't explain why, maybe its the fact that I feel a connection with the place. Who knows, I think I once lived in Colon street in my past life lol. I have always been obsessed with the 60's and 90's era and Colon street has that vibe. Not to sound cliche', I am also an old soul.

To end this blog, I hope I inspired you guys to do have a photo walk, perhaps with your friends and feel the experience yourselves. An expensive camera or phone is not really a requirement because the best camera is the one that you have right now.

See you on the next one >.<


I did find peace scrolling down the shots you took. I guess it has to do with this Colon Street of a place. And you were right, this shots does have stories with them. I am glad you captured them and shared with us.

Thank you! Will be posting about a different location soon 📸

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Wow, two badges in a row, that's awesome @mamas.boi! 🎉

Thank you so much 🥹 @hivebuzz

Nice shots! They really tell a story. I'm quite amazed you got these wonderful shots of Colon. I am not really so fond of the place because it's so busy, so crowded and so noisy. Not to mention, so many snatchers. 😅
But looking at your photos, they're pretty unique and awesome.

Exactly! Sometimes the place gets a little too crowded and noisy especially this holiday season.

 4 months ago  

Hi @mamas.boi and welcome to Hive. I get a feel that you definitely have an old soul and that’s pretty cool. The feel of these photos are classic vintage and the mood of the moment pops off of the photo. You really are good at what you do. I think random shots of things do tell a story :)

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Thank you ~

Thank you! Just joined the Photography Lovers Community and the Wednesday walk community ❤️

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You’re welcome! Great that’s awesome! I hope you make some amazing connections in both communities! 😃😉

As always, your shots are stunning! 😍😍

Maliit na bagay 😝🤣 char! thank you btaw teh 🥹

Wow! You did great in taking those photos RJ! ☺️ Makaproud ❤️

Thank you teh ❤️