Sid the Stinkbug and some flowers [Original Photography]

in OCD9 months ago

Well, what a day. With everything going on on that other chain, it's been hard to concentrate on getting anything else done. It's crap for people who have lost their hard earned steem, but at least we have them all here on HIVE and they have an equivalent investment here which is worth more than that other coin will ever be. Doesn't take away from the fact that Sun is a thief though.

Anyway, enough rambling about that. Here is a small collection of pics from the garden from the last couple of days.

Absolutely love this first one of a shieldbug on a leaf. What a friendly little chap.


And a couple of my usual flower kind of shots. The first one is a Mimulus. They have a lovely shape but are rather hard to photograph well as they are really white with the slightest bit of colour in them and it's kinda hard to get a nice composition of them. They don't grow very tall either so it's hard to get any degree of separation from the background but this one was quite leggy.


We also have some nice daisies now as well, these ones have a lovely pink and yellow dusting on the leaves.





Love the first shot too. If you could only make it zoomable :)

Sid is cool looking

i like these :)

Love the first shot too.It is clean and clear,in addition it has a black background. On the other hand i want to ask a question: Was anything used during the shooting for the colors and shades of the pictures in all the shots? (flash or different lighting tools etc ...) Or has there been an arrangement on colors after shooting? It certainly doesn't look bad, but it looks great. I just wanted to find out what was done.

All are shot with a special lighting setup outdoors. Hunt back in my blog a few weeks and theres a post about my diffuser setup.

And yes, I do some postprocessing to stylise the images, especially the flower ones. I have a certain kind of look that I tend to stick to with my flower shots.