The Weight of the HIVE on his shoulders [Original Photography]

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Hey everyone.

Was out in the garden today just chillin' in the hammock and the other half shouted over that there was a really cool looking bee taking a rest on one of the fence panels. So of course, I had to grab the camera. Seems that this guy below was taking a well-deserved rest. I don't think i've ever seen a bee with so much pollen stuck to it.


You can see even better in this one. It's no surprise that he was stopping for a break.


On the other hand, here is one of his slacker mates. Different kind of insect though to be fair :)


Another one from the fence panel here, a very cool coloured fly. He looks like he has a ghostly face on his back.


And this rather small greenfly that I found on a leaf. He was tricky to get as the leaf was blowing everywhere. I had to hold the leaf while balancing the lens on the holding hand to get a position. Sometimes you just have to improvise to get the shot:)


All images were taken with the Canon 90D and the Sigma 105 HSM Macro.



Fully loaded!

I bet when he makes it home there will huge appreciation.....

Very very nice photos Mark, glad to see you still enjoy the macro world. Looks like the bee is really tired. Hope he can make it home safely. Sure his hive is going to appreciate his efforts.

Top bee looked like he really was loaded up. I wonder if it does cause exhaustion when they have so much stuck to them and if it causes flight balance issue.

One thing about flies, they do have some awesome looking eyes when seen close up like that.

Bees definitely get tired, especially the bigger bumblebees. I've given a few some syrup water to get them energised again in the past when they have been struggling to get going..

Awesome macros of rare quality. May i ask which lens?

Damn my bad, did not notice it under the post from all the excitement. That's pretty sharp glass for a really good price. Have you used it for anything else than macros? And looks like it's f/8 or more in some images. Any macro light for the bugs?

Yeah, its is great value for money for sure. I think now that I'd get one of the new Laowa macro lenses if i was choosing a lens. They are insanely sharp for a reasonable cost. I've done a bit of portraiture with it but nothing of note. Most of these were shot at f11-f16 and yes, I use a macro flash diffuser which I talked about in this post. Cant go more than f16 with that lens really before diffraction starts kicking in.

And focus stacking is probably unreasonable with most of the bugs? Unless you get'm while they are sleeping in the morning :)

Yeah, pretty much. Recycle time on the flash can be a bit restrictive too as i'm shooting 1/1 power at 200iso/f16 through that diffuser. With my older diffuser I could get away with 1/4 power so could fire off a few shots in quick succession. Better to use a macro rail to do stacking anyway. Real hard out in the field.

Depth of field is still pretty decent though at f/16. Great shots, will be waiting for more.

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Excellent macro photos!

Great pictures @markangeltrueman! with a very high resolution.