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Hello Hivers πŸ’•πŸ’ž,

This is just to make a quick community engagement on this particular section to vote for #Hive $Hive in the ongoing contest for the nominee for the Most Exciting dWeb Project
Down below you have the link that is a directive for you to cast your vote in just three steps.⬇️⬇️.Although my own interface is on mobile phone.


Here are a few steps to cast your vote.

After I clicked on the link above it took me straight to this page and after then I press the box linked to the Hive zone in this format βœ….


Here was the final page that Pop up afterwards. Cast yours to promote Hive and to nominate it as well.


What Are You Waiting For?


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Thanks so much 😊. How are you and your family?

dooonnnneee and shared on twitter as well.. we need the exposure dude!

We need it more..


Done and shared on twitter 254E9FC20607469FAF7934E55012AC4D.png

Thanks for participating.