Natural beauty combined with culinary delights

in OCD6 months ago (edited)


hello everyone, culinary is an important thing for everyone, it is the same with natural beauty. because, for every area other than beautiful natural charm. culinary delights can be the main attraction for tourists to come. However, what would happen if the beauty of nature was united with culinary delights and we could find it in one place at the same time? of course this is m a boon .

and I'm lucky because my area has it. is peuniyoh geurute, a tourist attraction in aceh jaya, a place that offers natural beauty as well as delicious cuisine.


The natural beauty that exists in the tourist attraction is, the beautiful sea charm, and also the cute small island group we can enjoy it while eating aceh specialties, namely kupi khop and instant noodles cooked with typical aceh spices. curious about the delicacy, let's come to aceh.