A successful completion of first phase (drilling) of Hive borehole project in Ghana.

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It's been a long day, but it's been worthwhile. Today was a fantastic day at Agona Bedomase, where the hive borehole project is presently underway. Hive has made measures to guarantee that communities in Ghana and throughout the globe are highly empowered by providing basic necessities. Agona Bedomase has been recognized as receiving potable drinking water from Hive in this respect. Agona Bedomase is a town in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Individuals whose major occupation is farming occupy the neighborhood. However, it is bordered by numerous other towns that seem to give water to the residents of this village.

One of the town's most pressing needs is obtaining potable water. According to town leaders, people of Agona Bedomase journey for 15-20 minutes, or about a mile, in search of water from surrounding settlements. All of the surrounding main towns are responsible for delivering water to the people of Agona Bedomase.


 photos by @mcsamm

In this regard, the Hive blockchain agreed, with the sponsorship of @valueplan, to build a borehole water system as part of the Hive Empowerment Project In Ghana to feed the people of Agona Bedomase and its surroundings and save the community from walking such long distances to get water for their use.

Earlier this week, preparations for the construction of this project were completed in order to announce the Beginning of Hive Promo Project in Ghana. Today, I'm writing to offer an update on the progress of Hive's effort in Ghana, which starts with the borehole drilling.

The first phase (Drilling stage)

The continuing borehole project in Agona Bedoamse began drilling today at 11 a.m. It was facilitated after a well-planned visit to the neighborhood by the drilling service. The town leadership assisted us in securing the location for the project. It was crucial to emphasize how significant this was to the community. After obtaining all of the drilling supplies required, the company's founders traveled to the town today to begin the first step of the project, which starts with drilling.

The local assemblyman and the community council team were all on hand today to assist monitor the start of the continuing project. Their presence today was quite beneficial in ensuring that everything was in order. Members of the neighborhood that came out today were overjoyed to see this happen. The photos and scenes below depict different aspects of the drilling in Agona Bedomase.






 flow of water









As project managers for the current hive project in Ghana, we (@mcsamm & @collinz) ensured that the drilling went as planned. The drilling company performed an excellent job today, exactly like they did in the previous borehole. We praised their dedication to providing excellent service and look forward to working with them again in the future.

After a good day, the assemblyman of Agona Bedomase and the few residents around were overjoyed to see water running from the earth. This was just the beginning of the optimism that hive has to give towns like these in Ghana. The town council officials expressed their gratitude for the work well done and expect that we will come tomorrow to tidy up the surface of the drilled area before continuing with the remainder of the project's different phases.


 photo with drilling workers and town leaders

This was finished at 6:30 p.m., when night had already fallen. After the drilling is finished, we expect the next phase of the project to begin this week. We will, without a doubt, keep everyone updated on the progress of the Hive empowerment effort, which is now happening in Agona Bedomase, Ghana. We took photos with the drilling workers and the town authorities before departing and leaving Agona Bedomase today.


 @mcsamm & @collinz

Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Another great Borehole project ongoing in Ghana this is really great in extending aid to humanity out there. Hive extending to the world out there!

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Hive is massively felt in the real wprld as many continues to enjoy borehole water. Thanks.

Kudos to all of the team, am glad to see hive impacting life.
The water looks good and soon they would have portable drinking water.

Yes, the borehole will begin to serve the people soon.

aha this is really great news for sure, thanks for sharing your update on the project. I can feel how you all did feel after the success of this project for sure.
We don't have to wait for others to do the work, taking responsibility is good not all can do that for sure. So hats off to you for your great work. that is really great sir.

!giphy great


We're glad to have the support of people like you sir. Thanks always for helping to support lives with hive.

aha that is the beauty of the hive and that will be the reason for sure why the hive will be on the moon in a few years for sure. 🚀🤩
Together we all will make this a better place for sure.

have a great day and week. 😀🙏

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I was pleased with how today's work session went, and I am optimistic that we will be able to finish all phases efficiently sooner. It was a pleasure to work with you today, @mcsamm.

Thanks always chaley

Thank you buddy


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Wow, this is so amazing... Well-done to you all

Thanks dear

You are welcome

The hive customize T-shirt looks very beautiful

It really is. We hope to see you get one in promotion. Thanks dear

Sure I will... How can I get it, is there a particular place to buy it or I can just get my artist the design to mean one for me

Exactly. You just need someone to help design one for your printing. We're making plans for a new design for our upcoming borehole project. Kindly reach to me when it's ready so l can send you a file to print.

Okay, it should be ready in a week... I will reach out to you

Well done! Good job 💖
Congratulations on your successful completion! 🙂
Best wishes from Ukraine 💙💛
Have a good day!

We wish you the best too dear. Thanks.

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This is impressive, you all have done so well by impacting lives positively with hive, keep up the good work.

Thanks for passing by.

Great news! Keep on going!

Thanks sir. We're grateful always.