Society leaders are potential users of the blockchain.

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Technology has provided us with several valuable tools, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). In most circumstances, these instruments will always be deadly in the hands of the wrong individuals. Would current societal leaders and governments, as witnessed in certain nations, try to exploit blockchain for corruption at some point? While this may be true, others will always want to utilise these tools to make the world a better place. There will always be some who perceive emerging technology as a means to earn a fast profit. And there are communities and governments making questionable promises about how they want to utilise blockchain in a socially acceptable manner.

However, although blockchain technology will undoubtedly speed the transition to digital money, the transformation is already underway. This is particularly noticeable in Ghana, where individuals do not usually carry cash or interact with currency on a regular basis. Many individuals instead utilise electronic payment methods such as internet banking, mobile money services (momo), and so on. Some businesses continue to refuse to take cash for their services and goods. As a result, notwithstanding the of the condition of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, society is heading toward a cashless society.





Chiefs & Leaders of various communities of hive projects

State agencies and society leaders are prominent adopters of blockchain technology. Through the empowerment initiatives in Ghana, the hive blockchain has helped to develop relationships and connections with society and prominent leaders that may benefit each party. Our Ghanaian societal leaders, such as chiefs and elders, play an important role in the widespread adoption of blockchain. Ghanaian chieftaincy, in partnership with the hive blockchain, may be sensible to adopt a long-term approach to blockchains.

Our presence in the chief's palace must not only serve to empower communities by providing them with potable drinking water, but also assist community leaders in understanding how blockchain technology works. When chiefs and social leaders, as well as the government or organisations, get engaged in the blockchain operation, they are uniquely tasked not only to profit from the increased trust promised by blockchains, but also to build it for the benefit of members of their community.




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This is only an issue of making progress and identifying sufficient individuals who want to make a difference. Hive is a recognised and reliable blockchain technology that may be used to construct a blockchain system on which transactions are sequentially and transparently recorded. These are the messages that must be presented to society leaders in order for them to be prospective blockchain users.


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