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Hello Friends,

Happy Wednesday from Bangladesh.
Today is Wednesday, 16 September 2020.
I woke up at 8 this morning.I woke up and looked outside and saw that the environment was very good.But the weather was hot.Now it is autumn in our country.The weather in our country is very hot this autumn.At this time of autumn, the sky of our country takes different forms.It is seen that the sky is very clear in the morning.Cloudy skies again in the afternoon.On one side the color of the sky is sunny, on the other side it is cloudy.So today was no exception.
Such as, the weather was hot this morning.The sky was clear.I always want to spend the morning in the middle of nature.So I got out of the room.At the call of nature, I left the house.First in the morning I went to the streets of our neighborhood.I was walking down the street in our neighborhood.I like to walk along the streets of the neighborhood in the morning.

The nature on both sides of the road in our neighborhood fascinates me.There are small roads in our neighborhood.I took some pictures while walking the streets of our neighborhood.In the picture you can see the roads and nature of our neighborhood.


After walking the streets of the neighborhood, I went to the garden.There is a beautiful garden inside our neighborhood.The garden is located at the back of our house.The garden has only green nature.I am always fascinated by the green beauty of that garden.So I spend most of the day in that garden.Such as, today I cleaned that garden.There was plenty of sunshine in the garden in the morning.But in the warm light of the sun, nature looked more beautiful.I was in the garden for about an hour in the morning.


I went to the garden and took some pictures. I took pictures of the green nature. Standing in the garden I took pictures of the bright sky.I shared some pictures here.In the picture you can see the beauty of the garden and the beauty of the sky.




After a while I saw a helicopter going through the sky.I was standing in the garden watching the helicopter.Then I took a picture of the helicopter.After the helicopter left, I came home.

Then at five in the afternoon I went to that garden again.In the afternoon I went to see the beauty of nature.In the afternoon the sky was a bit cloudy.Then there were clouds in some places in the sky.Going to the garden in the afternoon I saw some more beautiful views.I saw a helicopter again.The helicopter is going through the sky, then I made a video of that helicopter.I shared the video with you here.
There is a cat sitting in the middle of nature, I took pictures of it.The cat is looking at me beautifully.

Then I was looking around at the green beauty of the garden again.I made a video.In the video you will see the green beauty of the garden.The video I first uploaded to my YouTube channel.I shared it with you from YouTube.
I was in the garden until evening.I returned home in the evening.
Friends this was the story of my nature trip this Wednesday.Today I spent some beautiful time middle of nature.I always love to capture beautiful scenes of nature on camera.And I am very interested to show you those scenes.Today is no exception.Even today I have shared some pictures and videos here.I hope you like these pictures and videos taken by me.I took all pictures with my used smartphone camera.
Today was a great day.Today was a great Wednesday.A day lost between nature.This was my Wednesday Walk today.I shared these beautiful moments of Wednesday with you.

Everyone stay well and stay safe.See you again.

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What cool sights you had on your walk, Loved your walk and stay cool

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